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  This site is host to various gaming material and artwork  that didn't make the final cut for Creatures & Chaos products, especially the Outcastia setting, as well as free content designed for use with the Outcastia setting.  Be on the lookout for the Outcastia Campaign Setting supplemental book due out soon on
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   Nitehawk Interactive's first releases are
now available  for purchase at  There is also a demo available of the Adventurer's Handbook.  Check it out.
If you're interested in doing artwork or writing for Nitehawk Interactive, refer to the Nitehawk Interactive homepage above and follow the CONTACT link, or contact me with NI Opening in the subject line.
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Bola Spider - This is a template to add to any spider-like creature.  Your players will think nothing but ugly thoughts about you when you unleash this unexpected twist to a normal spider on them.
Dire Shrew - Yeah...go ahead and laugh.  But when this vicious little critter is gnawing your leg off, and there's nothing you can do about it, don't come crying to me!
updated 11/13/06
Here's my own online store with exclusive designs.  Grab yourself one of the "Attack Me" shirts (they are really popular).  I'm constantly adding more, so check here often.
Tome of Consuming - This 'book' destroys magic items.  Just the thing to lighten the load of a magic-heavy party...
Manuscript of Facts - A book that has reference to pretty much everything.  Just think of it as a magical Encyclopedia Brittanica.
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