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Hidden beneath the ocean depths where light does not reach, life goes on.  What does that mean to us?  NOTHING!  I just thought that was a good sounding intro!-----------  Well this is secret room #2!  I havent thought of what to put in here yet.
I know!
I need to come clean to some of you.  Maybe you haven't noticed, but i'm not a girl!  Many do know this but sometimes in chat people see my picture and assume i'm a girl.  But i'm not, so if you find the secret room then you know my secret! :)  for the guys that don't find this room, i'll tell you eventually anyway.  You know it's hard being someone like me.  Rejection hurts 3 times more!  well,  time to go.  bye!
This is cupid.  Maybe he'll find a boy that will accept my uniqueness.  i hope soon! im so sad in my heart.  do i have a heart?  i don't know!
Secret Room!