Hey! My name is Nelliemar; friends call me Nellie. I'm a 23 y/o, 100% puertorican girl. A PUERTORRA, as I would say. Being a 5th year college student isn't easy but for me being an AGRONOMY student of the Agriculture Faculty at the UPR RUM it's been a pleasure...why?  well, it's a great place to hang out; my mom is 2 hours away; beers are cheap; DRINKS are cheap; and I've got all my friends there so, what else can I ask for? Why am I doing this?  Well, it was about time I took care of some stuff...
  What's new around here? Well, I'm still trying to get a phone in Mayaguez...damn Company. But I will succeed , I will not fail this mission.....There's nothing new around besides me singing at a karaeoke night ( Embassy Suites,May 20) for 3 hours.....if u want to contribute with something new ( I mean, make me do something new), feel free to call me......of course, if I had a phone. So, anyway, just drop me a line or two...k?

    Work? What's that?

  My background...hmmm...well, I want to thank the academy for this award.......lol....I've got a great mom, a wonderful pair of grandpas, a fantastic sis, two stupid bros, the heck of an aunt,my step dad ( which lies upon a blank category), and my nephews and nieces: Francis, Joshua and Gabriel (males) and Shalome and Carla (females). 

  My friends?  Too many to count.... "I wish I wouldn't leave any of u out of the list, but the fire of the moment is making me forget many names.....but I love u all guys! U know who u are...Again, thanx!."

  And finally, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for u, my fans.....thank u all for been there for me, wish I could do more for u...but this is how life turns out......I'm up, u're down...... 

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   y muchas mas......
AVEMARIA! que peste tienes en esa boca!!
Y para los q se quedaron sin ver la pelicula, aqui les va un resumen......lol.....

     Saludos a todos los chicos del area....Besos a los q esten buenos....A las chicas, pues q les vaya bien...Y si lo q quieres es perrear, si me invitas bajo pa alla! 
Feb-24-1978   *Pisces*
I' m the Horse - Chinese Horoscope-
And I' m a witch...
Y como dormir es lo mio, aqui una imagen... A pata suelta! y mejor con alguien.....