Jac's Place

get smashed and dance like fireflies on speed, the night is young, the night is yours and I am growing older by the hour

1500 weasels came to this place ... they saw god on a bicycle ... riding with an unknown grace ... riding with an unremembered smile ... if heaven can hear me, let her know I'm singing, tales of joy and dreams to all the empty caskets that sit around me in the firelight of this pub ... i would have been a lawyer ... bringing truth and justice for all ... but then i decided to laugh for a living and stare into the bottom of this empty beer bottle ... random thoughts chase me away ... take me over hills and beyond forests i cant recall, my memory is getting hazy, but I can still feel the taste of salt water in my mouth from when the ocean kissed me as a child ... let go of your kite, let it fly high away to unknonw heavens, chasing after god on his bicycle, else the sadness of seeing its inevitable nose dive into the sand below will break your five year old heart forever

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