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Here is a good article about love spells used to make someone love you, etc.

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 The Ethics of Love Spells
by Mike Nichols

Why? Why so many books containing so many love spells? Why such an emphasis
on a kind of magic that I, personally, have always considered very negative?
And to make matters even more confusing, the books that do take the trouble
of dividing spells between 'positive' and 'negative' magic invariably list
love spells under the first heading. After all, they would argue, love is a
good thing. There can never be too much of it. Therefore, any spell that
brings about love must be a GOOD spell. Never mind that the spell puts a
straightjacket on another's free will, and then drops it in cement for good

Love spells. Whether to do them or not. If you are a practitioner of magic,
I dare say you will one day be faced with the choice. If you haven't yet, it
is only a matter of time. And if the answer is yes, then which spells are
ethical and which aren't? Then you, and only you, will have to decide
whether 'All's fair in love and war', or whether there are other, higher,
metaphysical considerations.

<< My crush is driving me crazy, so can anyone recommend
 a good spell to get your mind off of someone? 
To Attract Love

Use a circle of rose-colored or red cloth.

Fill it with acacia flowers, myrtle, rose petals or buds, jasmine flowers, and lavender. 

Add a red felt heart and a copper coin or ring. Tie it with a blue thread or ribbon in seven knots and put it in a safe, dark, cool place for 7 days. Meditate upon your purpose. Don't wish for a specific person because that would be unethical & manipulative. Instead meditate on how you are attractive & available and someone will come along who will make you very happy. 


So mote it be!


Herbal Charm to Attract Love

Fill a circle of rose or red colored cloth with any of the following:

 Acacia, rose, myrtle, jasmine, or lavender petals, in combination or singly. 

Add to this a red felt heart and copper coin or ring. As you fill the bundle with your chosen items, visualize the type of lover you are looking for. Tie the cloth with blue thread or ribbon, in seven knots. As you tie the knots you may change an incantation such as: 


"Seven knots I tie above Seven knots for me and love."


The Perfect Soulmate Spell
By Deborah Grey & Athena Starwoman

Take a shower or bath, put on some white clothing, take a stick (or your wand) and some glitter outside where you can see the stars (the best time is a new moon). Clear your mind. Pick up the stick, dip one end into the glitter then raise the stick towards your chosen star and say: "With these magic words I begin my spell. 


Hear me now, O mystic star, Hear me well - 

Let your magic light Send me the love of my life. 

The spell has been cast - So be it."


 Your glitter is now magically energized, and you should sprinkle some near your front door. You can even take some glitter out with you and sprinkle it here and there. Your perfect mate should be brought to you.


Witch's Love Potion


 1 teaspoon of dried and crushed basil 

1 teaspoon of dried fennel 

1 teaspoon of dried European vervain 

3 pinches of ground nutmeg 

1/4 cup of red wine



Place all of the ingredients into a cauldron. Mix together well, and then place the cauldron over a fire. Light a pink candle which has been anointed with rose oil, 

and say: 


"Candle light, warm and bright, Ignite the flames of love tonight. 

Let my soul mate's love Burn strong for me. 

This is my will, so mote it be!"


 After the love potion boils for three minutes, remove the cauldron from the fire and allow it to cool. Strain the cooled liquid through a clean cheesecloth into a cup. Add a bit of honey to sweeten the potion, and then drink it. The best times to prepare the Witch's Love Potion, as with all love potions and love spells, are on Fridays, Saint Agnes's Eve (The night of January 20), Saint Valentine's Day (February 14), any night of the waxing moon, and whenever the moon is in the Venus-ruled signs of Taurus or Libra.


Love Tea Spell
From the book "Love Magic" by Laurie Cabot


A love tea spell can be made on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday during a waxing moon. 


You Will Need: 

3 candles (red, pink, and green) 

4 caraway seeds 

4 fennel seeds 

1 tea bag 

3 rose hips 

5 edible rose petals. 


If you cannot get rose petals, buy rose water or dried roses from a herbal shop. (Be sure that the roses have not been sprayed with pesticides and are safe for brewing into a tea). Light the candles and place them on the stove near the teapot. Bring two cups of spring water to a slow simmer. Add the other ingredients with the tea. As the love tea is steeping, pass your hands over the steam three times, and concentrate on the feelings of love. Pour a cup and sit in a cheerful place. If you have a photo of an intended lover, place it where you can see it as you drink the tea. 

Recite this spell: 


"I lift this cup to my lips, I drink it slow with tiny sips, 

Rose, tea caraway, And fennel cause love to stay."


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