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Stuart's Newfie Webpage


Lark Harbour and the Outer Bay of Islands
Western Newfoundland

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Globe showing the location of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
the easternmost point of North America

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Greetings and Welcome to my Webpages
Bienvenu(e) à tous mes Ami(e)s

These webpages have now been in existence for almost twelve years, and always the title has been “Stuart’s Newfie Webpage”. I make no apology for the use of the word “Newfie”, although I was not born in Newfoundland. However, after living here most of the time since 1967, I feel very much as if I am one, albeit an adopted one.

As an adopted Newfoundlander, rather than a born one, wherever I went I was proud to be called a Newfie, and have never felt the term to be a derogatory one. To be associated with a culture and identity such as that of Newfoundland, and to be known for that association, is an honour I hope to have for the rest of my life, wherever I may be. It is a small group who can claim a connection with this “distinct society”.

Now that we have a new high speed Internet service available to us in the Outer Bay of Islands, I intend to do my utmost to bring new presentations to these pages. One such item is already in place: my monthly newsletter, The Blow-Me-Downer, which is circulated free of charge to all homes in Lark Harbour and York Harbour. A little further down the page you will find the opportunity to sign up to receive The Blow-Me-Downer regularly by email. Hopefully this will give to our many exiles an even stronger connection with home. Unfortunately I have not been able to provide a download because of file space constraints and my lack of skill in programming, so for the moment copies will be emailed as attachments, in PDF format. However, you will get all the graphics and pictures just the same as the original hard copy. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to comment by E-mail. And if anyone would like to write something to be published, that will be even better.

During the years since this webpage began (1996) I have received many messages of appreciation from a wide variety of people: a special Newfoundland welcome, and also a québécois "bienvenu" to everyone. Particularly I like to hear from any of my past students from St James School where I served as Principal from 1974 to 1994. I am very happy if my efforts are able to help any of you, and also expatriate Newfoundlanders everywhere, to keep in touch with home. Please continue to send your messages.

To those people who have not yet visited Newfoundland: if these webpages provide you with useful information that may help you to decide on making a visit to this beautiful Province, I would be glad to hear from you, and to assist in any way I may be able.

Thanks to everyone who reads these pages, and especially to those who take the time to send me a few remarks...... (SLH)

This Atlantic Canada Webring site is owned by Stuart L Harvey

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1. About Our Communities

Lark Harbour is a small, very scenic town (Pictures) in the Humber District of the West Coast of Newfoundland, on the south side of the Bay of Islands and west of the City of Corner Brook. Combined with neighbouring York Harbour, there is a population of about eleven hundred, a K-12 school; a Public Library; an Anglican church, a clinic operated by the Victorian Order of Nurses, a Volunteer Fire Department, a community Round Table group, restaurants and take-outs, a residence for seniors, and several retail stores and businesses. The rugged and scenic Blow-Me-Down Provincial Park lies on the boundary between the two communities. Even within the civic limits are some of the most magnificent views to be found in Canada, or perhaps anywhere in the world.

2. Information, Reading and Research
about the Bay of Islands and Newfoundland

The Blow-Me-Downer is our local newsletter, full of information about events, people, and many other matters relating to our communities. It is published monthly and delivered free of charge to every Canada Post mailbox in the two towns of Lark Harbour and York Harbour.
If you wish to receive a copy each month by email, please click BLOW-ME-DOWNER and email me with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. You will then be added to the list and a copy will be emailed to you each month. In order to read the BLOW-ME-DOWNER you will need to have a PDF reader such as ADOBE installed on your computer. You may download it HERE at no cost if you do not already have a copy.
Due to technical limitations it is not possible at this time to offer a direct download of the Blow-Me-Downer on this website.

THE FORGOTTEN BAY, my unpublished history of the Outer Bay of Islands, tells how the area was settled, from prehistory to modern times and Confederation with Canada in 1949. Contemporary accounts from letters, journals and newspapers are included, and extensive references for further reading are provided in endnotes and a detailed Bibliography.

Religion, Society, and Culture in Newfoundland and Labrador This site by Dr Hans Rollman of the Department of Religious Studies at MUN contains excellent research material and a number of complete texts of original documents about Newfoundland, many of which are facsimiles unavailable to the general public except at libraries such as CNS. A very useful source for the serious student.

* * * * * * * * * *

Review this CHRONOLOGY of events relating to the Outer Bay of Islands.

Learn about the EARLY SETTLERS IN OUR COMMUNITIES, and some of the problems they had to cope with.

Learn HOW OUR COMMUNITIES GOT THEIR INTRIGUING NAMES, and what was cooking here in 1767.

Find out about the FIRST EUROPEAN TO ENTER THE BAY OF ISLANDS, and the big codfish he caught.

3. Picture Essays of Newfoundland and other Places

PHOTO4 Lark Harbour, a scenic Newfoundland fishing village.

MATTHEW The 1997 visit to Lark Harbour of the Matthew, the replica of Giovanni Caboto's ship.

MATTHEW The City of St John's, Newfoundland, the oldest city in Canada.

Locomotive The Newfoundland Railway, and a project that could have changed many things.

Please email me with remarks about the webpages or about anything else.

À mes amis(es) francophones écrivez-moi en français s'il-vous-plaît!


4. Some Good Newfie Links

Click this icon to visit THE ROCK OF THE ROCK OZ FM's WebPage

or view their LIVE ONLINE SKYCAM overlooking St John's Harbour

Almost 400 years ago a gentleman named Robert Hayman (1575-1629) visited Newfoundland and wrote this short poem. Since then, some things have changed, sadly not always for the better; but there is much that is still as it was . . . .

            The Aire, in Newfound-Land is wholesome good;
            The Fire, as sweet as any made of wood;
            The Waters, very rich, both salt and fresh;
            The Earth more rich, you know it is no less.
            Where all are good, Fire, Water, Earth, and Aire,
            What man made of these foure would not live there?


I check all the links from time to time, but if any do not work, please advise me.
E-mail me with any comments or suggestions, and thanks for visiting.
À mes amis(es) francophones, écrivez-moi en français, s'il-vous-plaît!
I hope you enjoyed my webpage.
Come back again soon.

All original material copyrighted.

© Stuart L Harvey

Newfoundland, Canada