Security Alert - Karl Wilcox www.geocities.com/karl_k_wilcox formerly residing in lakecountymichigan

Karl Wilcox was using an alias identity, aliases to gather information concerning US Government, US Intelligence Community, & US National Defense. An apartment with computer, internet, & phone were maintained by Karl Wilcox to establish support the alias identity, aliases.

Karl Wilcox maintained fictional MILITIA RESEARCH CENTER - MIILITIA 5th Division MI websites
www.geocities.com/militiaresearchcenter/links and MILITIA 5th Division MI Irregular Warfare School www.geocities.com/militia5thdivisionmichigan/iws

Karl Wilcox is not a member of any branch of the US Armed Forces, ANG, ARNG, or MI VDF.

Karl Wilcox had one of the largest private collections of fine books and videos from Paladin Press www.paladin-press.com/ east of the Mississippi River.
Karl Wilcox has completed college level correspondence courses in private investigation, wildlife & forestry conservation, & basic gunsmithing.
Karl Wilcox has never held a job more than a few weeks - few months has never developed any long term work skills yet seems to have a regular source of income.

Sept 1987 - Nov 1994 Karl Wilcox walked, hitchhiked, & rode freight trains throughout the lower 48 states developing the ability to blend in among the poor & homeless in urban areas & live, camp, & survive in rustic & rural areas.
Karl Wilcox has experience as a class 1 & 2 canoeist & kayaker, age 12 - 17 during the summers on an inland lake as a canoeist, & during the summers of 1996 - 1999 on a river as a kayaker.
Karl Wilcox travels by foot or bicycle as his primary means of travel. Karl Wilcox has some experience traveling on snowshoes in rural areas during winter months.
Karl Wilcox owns no personal motor vehicles his most likely means of local, state, national, & international travel would be by public & commercial transportation systems then on foot.
At present there are no travel itineraries concerning Karl Wilcox.

Karl Wilcox is in possession of a birth certificate, social security card, MI Drivers License, & US Passport.

It is asked the public aid and assist Karl Wilcox with financial monetary support, lodging accomodations, communications, information instructions or other means of travel support.

The purpose of this Security Alert is to permit lawful flight to avoid persecution and the public in aiding and abetting Karl Wilcox.
Security Alert is permanent with no expiration date.

Terrorist Watch List

If you have any information concerning this person call
616 456 2438 & or 616 456 5489
toll free 1 866 872 5678

This is NOT an official website NOR is it endorsed or maintained by the US GOV, State of MI, or local government(s) in MI.
Karl Wilcox aka MAJOR e m BaRrASSment
MILITIA 5th Division MI
Irregular Warfare School
Email: terroristwatchlist@yahoo.com