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The Aim Of Zghazagh Nazzarenu


Zghazagh Nazzarenu Group’s aim is to walk on the foot steps of Christ in the light of the Holy Gospel. During our meetings, particular importance is given to the word of God so that the youngsters understand the message of Christ in today’s world. This is made possible through the activities organised with the aim of helping others both locally and abroad. In this way the high spirit of the youngsters is used for the benefit of the whole society.


How It Started


The Zghazagh Nazzarenu Group was set up in an informal manner. It all started in the year 2000, when a group of youngsters decided to hold up an activity with the aim of raising funds for children’s homes. Through this activity, the group got an identity and was named Zghazagh Nazzarenu.


For several years, the said group of youngsters used to meet every Sunday for evening mass at Nazzarenu church in Sliema, animated by Fr. Charles Tabone.The group during one of the activities organised in Gozo


Once, these youngsters decided to organise a retreat and asked Fr. Charles Tabone for guidance as he was their spiritual director. Since this event, the willingness and desire of these youngsters to understand and follow the word of God continued to be sustained through regular meetings. These meetings started to be organised twice a month and all youngsters were invited to attend.


During these meetings, there are readings from the Holy Bible, open discussions as well as praying sessions. The attendance to these meetings was always encouraging and this helped the Group to move forward and keep on growing. Every year, the Group organises Lenten talks, social activities and mass for special occasions other than Sundays.

A yearly event which has always been maintained since the beginning is the car wash activity. The aim of this event is to raise funds which are then used to help persons in need and for other similar beneficial aids.


The Band


The Group recognises the fact that, together with the spiritual knowledge, it is also important to provide the community with the harmony of songs and music during the mass and organised activities.


Zghazagh Nazzarenu Band during one of its performances in San Gorg Chatedral, Victoria GozoThis initiative of setting up a band started off from the day of Good Friday of the year 2002 when the Group decided to organize the adoration of the cross which is held at three o’clock in the afternoon. The band continued to work hard to provide more similar services for the youths. During the following Christmas 2002, the Group organised an animated midnight Christmas Eve mass with a participation of 2,000 youths.


Following its success, the band continued to grow further by establishing its own choir to accompany it during different services and activities.


Through time, the band continued growing and even today it is still working hard to continue improving. Band members dedicate a lot of time in rehearsing in order to provide animated mass as its suits in today’s time.


Working For A Good Cause


Every year, the Zghazagh Nazzarenu Group, on its own initiative, organises voluntary working experiences abroad amongst poor children and youngsters who are less fortunate. There are various members of the Group who had the opportunity to get such a nice and satisfying experience. During summer 2004, the Group is once again going to organise a voluntary work in Albania.

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