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Josephus Bowers


Josephus was born 1836 in Pennsylvania.He married Sarah Jane Koons, of Ohio, 13 June 1858 in DeWitt Co., IL.They are on the 1860 DeWitt Co., IA census and the 1870 Clayton Twsp, Taylor Co., IA census.


Josephus and Sarah had the following children:


Laura A. born 1859 in IL

Elizabeth born 1861 in IL

John H. born 1863 in IL

Maria S. born 1865 in IL

Norell B. born 1867 in IL and died 1871 in Bedford, IA

James Franklin born 17 Feb 1871 in Bedford, IA


Research Notes on Josephus:


Born in Pennsylvania (census)

Moved to IL and married Sarah in DeWitt Co. (marriage certificate)

DeWitt Co. in 1860 (census)

Taylor Co. in 1870 (census)


While doing research in Bedford, IA I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with Mrs. Avis Bowers.She told me about her family migration from Pennsylvania to Bedford.She also drove me out to the Bowers Cemetery to see Norellís marker.We came to the conclusion our families may be related in Pennsylvania and Josephus may have traveled to Bedford to work on the Bowers farm.



James Franklin Bowers


James Franklin was born 17 Feb 1871 in Bedford, IA, died in Kalamazoo, MI on 16 Jul 1947, and is buried in the Riverside Cemetery, Kalamazoo, MI.He married Sarah Bell Schooley, daughter of Isaac Schooley (1837-1919) & Lydia Jane Schriner.


James and Sarah had the following children:


Cecil Guy born 1895 in IL

Theodore born 1898 in Sac City, IA

Emil Arthur born 1900 in IA

Fletcher Harold born 1902 in IA

Irene Hilda born 1906 in IA

James Shriner born 1908 in IA

Charles Franklin born 1911 in IA

Lulu Belle born 1904 in IA and died 1905 in Sac Co., IA


Research Notes on James Franklin:


Sac Co., IA 1900 (census)

Retired from Kalamazoo College (obituary)

Remarried after Sarah passed (death certificate)

Moved to Kalamazoo in 1926 (Irene Bowers)

Raise horse on a leased farm in Sac Co., IA


Theodore Bowers


Theodore Bowers was born 24 Jul 1898 in Sac City, IA, died 1 Apr 1971 in Kalamazoo, MI, and is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Galesburg, MI.


On 18 Feb 1920, when Theodore was 21, he first married Letha Arelia Jenks, daughter of Marion Jenks (-1932) & Cora Almeda Buttolph (-1958), in Sac City, IA.Letha was born on 4 Jul 1901 in Calhoun Co., IA and died in Lake City, IA on 9 Jul 1986, she was 85.


Theodore an Letha had the following children:


Laurene Arelia

Lavon Alene (1922-1997)

Lois Anita


On 18 Jun 1928, when Theodore was 29, he second married Margaret Lucille Smith, daughter of Franklin C. Smith (1878-) & Lottie M. Duncan (1883-1962), in Kalamazoo, MI.Margaret was born on 12 Feb 1910 in Kalamazoo, MI and died in Kalamazoo, MI on 18 Jan 1983, she was 72.She is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery, Galesburg, MI.


Theodore and Margaret had the following children:


Rosemarie (1929-1986)


James Edward

Franklin Delano

Margaret Ann

Howard Charles


Sydney Sue


Research Notes on Theodore:


1900 census for Bedford Twsp, IA.

Master Plumber

Copy of birth certificate on file, Sac Co., IA

Obituary on file, Kalamazoo Gazette, 01 Apr 1972, D, 004:5

Death certificate extract on file, Kalamazoo Co., 1971 Book 2, Pg. 352

Death certificate on file

Theodore's nickname in Iowa was TIB, leads me to believe he had a middle name but dropped it.

All court records in Calhoun Co., IA use his middle initial "I"



Laurene Arelia Bowers


Laurene married Clifford Donald Dowling, son of Charles Otto Dowling & Jane Cornelia Cooper, in Lake City, IA.


They had the following children:


Dianne Arelia

Donald Arthur

Wayne Anthony

Tom Albert

Jane Aletha

Paul Arlo

Keith Arnold



Lavon Alene Bowers


Lavon was born on 13 May 1922 in Lake City, IA, and died in Lake City, IA on 26 Jan 1997, she was 74.


Lavon Alene first married Earl Hucka.


They had one child:


Rex Alan


Lavon Alene second married Maurice Peterson.



Lois Anita Bowers


Lois married Cecil Dean McCoy, son of Hugh McCoy & Mina Collins, in Grant City, Missouri.


They had the following children:


Judy Anita

Dean Allen

Betty Alene

Eddie Arnold


Rosemarie Bowers


Rose was born in Apr 1929 and died in Kalamazoo, MI on 13 May 1986, she was 57.


Rosemarie married Peter Paul Johnson.


They had the following children:


Denise Gay

Deborah Marie

John Michael

Joseph Mathew

Mary Elizabeth

Theresa Ann


Theodore Bowers Jr.


Theodore married Sharon V. Eldridge.


They had the following children:


Teddy James

Jody Lynn

Jamie Lee

Beth Ann

Sherry Gail

Nancy Lou


James Edward Bowers


James Edward married Betty June Srackangast.


They had the following children:



Timothy James



Franklin Delano Bowers


Franklin first married Margo Leigh Harrington.


They had the following children:


Franklin Delano

Leslie Rae


Franklin second married Joan.


They had one child:




Margaret Ann Bowers


Margaret married Raymond Arthur Schott


They had the following children:


Robert James

Marcia Rae

Melissa Ann

Russell Arthur


Howard Charles Bowers


Howard first married Diane Kay Carpenter.


They had the following children:


Michelle Lynn

Jill Ann


Howard second married Phyllis Jean Klinger.


Rosalind Bowers


Rosalind married Jerome Dale Lambert.


They had one child:


Stephen Blair


Sydney Sue Bowers


Sydney first married Dan Chorny.


They had the following children:


Scott Brian

Kimberly Sue

Mathew Ryan


Sydney second married David Arthur Matheny.


They had the following children:


David Andrew

Jonathon Paul

James Arthur