Electoral Lists, Darling Downs District


transcribed by Terry Foenander.

The following names, and other particulars, were transcribed from the lists of persons who were qualified to vote in their electoral districts, and who had applied to be registered as such, as published in various issues of the Darling Downs Gazette (Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia), during 1899 and 1900. They include mainly residents of Toowoomba, but also several residents of towns and other homesteads around the Toowoomba region. The list is not a complete list of all those within the region who were eligible to vote, but only those who applied to be registered as voters during this period.

Each name is accompanied by the individual's age, occupation, place of abode, and the reference to the date of the newspaper, which is shown at the end of the page.

Edward Aldridge, 38, hotel keeper; Crow's Nest. [4]

William Henry Alford, 25, railway clerk; Governor Blackall Hotel, Russell Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Frederick Amos, 31, bootmaker; Rifle Range Road [Toowoomba]. [3]

James Henderson Anderson, 50, malster; at Queensland Malting Company Ltd., Malt House, near Black Gully [Toowoomba]. [10]

Joseph Anderson, 25, cab proprietor; fifth house, Mort Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Benjamin Andrews, 21, laborer; Sir Street, off Bridge Street, third house on east side north from Bridge Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Leslie Alexander Annand, 21, draper; subdivisions 19, 20, 21, suburban allotment 42, Campbell Street [Toowoomba]. [5]

Sydney Taylor Anthony, 22, letter carrier; Bowen Street, sixth house from Ruthven Street, [Toowoomba]. [3]

Clement Archer, 25, farmer; Gowrie Junction. [5]

Lawrence Edward Archer, 27, farmer; Gowrie Junction. [5]

Richard Archibald, 36, printer; Stafford House, corner of Mort and Campbell Streets [Toowoomba]. [3]

Osman Armitage, 21, moulder; Gowrie Road, first house beyond Gowrie Road Hotel [Toowoomba]. [5]

August Frederick Arndt, 29, farmer; corner of Hume and Nelson Streets [Toowoomba]. [3]

Sutton Ascough, 40, shunter; Bridge Street, at the Railway Gatekeeper's residence [Toowoomba]. [10]

William Auld, 27, timber getter; Crow's Nest. [4]

Matthew Bagley, 41, laborer; Flowerburn, Koojarrewon. [4]

Ernest Bailey, 21, groom; "The Grange," Mr. Cunliffe's residence [Toowoomba]. [10]

Thomas John Ballinger, 48, manager; Ramsay Street, second house from Bridge Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Alfred Barnes, 22, labourer; Argyle Saw Mills, Geham. [4]

William Mark Barnes, 21, printer; West Street, first house from Russell Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Thomas Barr, 42, saddler; Masonic Hall, Neil Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Richard Barrell, 24, farmer; Barrell's Farm, Mount Kent [Cambooya]. [8]

Patrick Barry, 45, carrier; north east corner of Seaton and Philip Streets [Toowoomba]. [10]

Henry Barton, 37, grazier; Eulalie, Russell Street [Toowoomba]. [5]

Christian William Batzloff, 22, farmer; Biddeston, via Oakey. [8]

Alfred Edward Beeston, 28, commercial traveller; corner of Arthur and Mary Streets [Toowoomba]. [3]

Patrick Behan, 25, laborer; at Queensland Malting Company Ltd., Malt House, near Black Gully [Toowoomba]. [10]

George Thomas Bennett, 26, insurance representative; West Street, Cory Estate, opposite Mrs. Alford's [Toowoomba]. [3]

Robert Berry, 32, grocer; Phillip Street, third house from Herries Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

George Frederick Bestic, 35, farmer; Gowrie Junction. [4]

John William Blanchard, 21, butcher; Pointer's butcher's shop, corner of Little and Ruthven Streets [Toowoomba]. [3]

William Henry Blundell, 25, butcher; Giles's shop, Ruthven Street, opposite Moffatt Hotel [Toowoomba]. [3]

William Thomas Bolt, 33, engineer; Ruthven Street, first house from Perth Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Gilbert Boothby, 25, farmer; Westbrook. [2]

Edward Bousen, 23, laborer; corner of Ivory and Mort Streets [Toowoomba]. [6]

Richard Boyden, 22, blacksmith; Francis Street, Town Estate, second house right hand side opposite Mr. J. Palethorpe's [Toowoomba]. [10]

Percy George Boys, 22, dentist; Mrs. Bunning's, Russell Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Charles Albert Bretz, 26, farmer; Meringandan. [4]

August Briese, 38, farmer; Douglas. [4]

Anthony Brough Briggs, 45, station inspector; The Grange, Toowoomba. [3]

Albert Brinkworth, 40, wood working machinist; corner of Arthur and French Streets, French Estate [Toowoomba]. [10]

Walter Brooks, 36, laborer; corner of Hume and Long Streets, north from Long Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Frederich Brose, 33, laborer; Norway Street, off West Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

William Grierson Brown, 37, wool classer; Hazareelagh, North Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Browne, 23, farmer; Koojarewon. [1]

Herman Buchheister, 26, farm labourer; Jericho Estate. [4]

Peter Buckley, 22, draper; Norwood Street, third house from West Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Felix Burenski, 29, farmer; portion 993, Parish of Douglas. [8]

Frederick Burgess, 38, carpenter; corner of Raff and Campbell Street, at Mrs. Thackeray's [Toowoomba]. [3]

William Burghardt, 22, farmer; Koojarrewon. [4]

Henry Burton, 37, grazier; Eulalie, Russell Street [Toowoomba]. [5] [Although a resident of Toowoomba, he owned property at Oakey, and applied for registration as a voter in that district.]

Leonard Burtt, 32, accountant; South Street, opposite Corr's Gardens [Toowoomba]. [3]

Thomas Henry Bussey, 44, commission agent; corner Arthur and Lindsay Streets [Toowoomba]. [6]

John Byron, 22, labourer; Harrow Station. [2]

Thomas Calcutt, 25, farm labourer; Gowrie Junction. [4]

William Henry Caldwell, 21, painter; Stewart Street, at his father's property, being allotment 3, portion 609 [Toowoomba]. [10]

Stephen Walter Callaghan, 21, operator, Railway Department; Gladstone House, Campbell Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Anthony Cambourne, 23, cabinet maker; Mr. McDonnell's residence, Hume Street, near French's Store [Toowoomba]. [10]

Alexander John Vincent Cameron, 23, clerk; Herries Street, first house west from Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3] [The place of abode was corrected in reference [6] to show the address as Herries Street, second hose from Ruthven Street.]

John Cameron, 35, inspector, New Zealand Fire Office; "Delana," Long Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Richard Cecil Charles Carey, 22, grocer; Ruthven Street, two doors north of the Union Hotel and opposite new Municipal Buildings [Toowoomba]. [10]

Thomas Carlyle, 33, laborer; Stenner Street, near J. Giles' slaughter yards [Toowoomba]. [10]

Frederick Henry Chamberlin, 38, laborer; Russell Street, Newtown, second house east of Boland Bros'. butcher shop [Toowoomba]. [10]

Henry Charles Chapman, 29, commercial traveller; Herries Street, third house from Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

George Albert Chauvean, 39, laborer; Lindsay Street, opposite Caledonian grounds [Toowoomba]. [5]

Hans Frederick Ferdinand Christensen, 61, engineer; Moody Street, off Union Street, at the rear of the Imperial Hotel, on the property of P. Mulheran [Toowoomba]. [10]

John Hans Christopher, 26, carpenter; private street, off Campbell Street, Range, opposite Mr. F. Butt's [Toowoomba]. [10]

John Clutterbuck, 33, laborer; Atkinson's Cottage, Mort Street, Mort Estate [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Cochrane, 38, soap maker; Joseph Street, off Neil Street, in one of H. Hatton's cottages, near the Butter Factory [Toowoomba]. [10]

Frederick Jarrett Cole, 32, wardsman; Toowoomba Hospital [Toowoomba]. [3]

Patrick Joseph Comans, 23, bank clerk; Hawthorne, Hume Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Patrick Conner, 67, grazier; "Kincora," North Branch [Toowoomba]. [10]

John Connole, 25, store keeper; Ruthven Street, one house from Campbell Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Joseph Michael Connole, 25, grocer; Ruthven Street, first house from Campbell Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

John Corner, 37, painter; corner of Klein and Ruthven Streets [Toowoomba]. [6]

Edward Ernest Corr, 21, railway employee; Rosehill, corner of Ramsay and South Streets [Toowoomba]. [3]

William Selkirk Cottew, 22, chemist; "Lilyburn," corner of Campbell and Neil Streets [Toowoomba]. [3]

Charles William Couchman, 29, teacher; Meringandan State School. [4]

John Cowled (junior), 30, canvasser; Cory Street, second house from Taylor Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Claud Cronk (junior), 21, bullock driver; Cooby Creek. [4]

Joseph Cronk, 27, bullock driver; Cooby Creek. [4]

James Crookston, 38, minister; Newcastle, New South Wales. [3] [apparently he owned property in Toowoomba, and registered in that city on the electoral roll, although he resided in Newcastle.]

Philip Shrubsole Cunliffe, 37, gentleman; Clifford Street, first house from Margaret Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

George Cushway, 44, fruit grower; Helidon. [10] [Registered as a voter in Toowoomba, as he owned freehold property at Newtown, Toowoomba.]

Jeremiah Thomas Daly, 22, labourer; Cock's Camp, Highfields Road. [4]

Patrick Daly, 31, laborer; West Street, Alderney Park Estate, sixth house from Boundary Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

William John Daniels, 21, laborer; fourth house Eton Street, between James and Phillip Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Henry Danlen, 51, farmer; Ramsay Street, Middle Ridge, second house north from "Gabbinbar" [Toowoomba]. [10]

James Darwen, 32, telegraph operator; Harp of Erin Hotel, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

George Davis, 54, carpenter; Long Street, second house from Hume Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

William Dearling, 29, farmer; Oakey. [5]

John David Deller, 21, farmer; Duffy's Paddock, Broxburn. [8]

Jeremiah Dennehy, 36, laborer; Alderney Street, Middle Ridge, seventh house left hand side up from Hume Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Arthur Robert Dickins, 27, clerk; The Union Bank, Ruthven Street, Toowoomba. [10]

Malcolm McGregor Dickson, 24, drover; "Arly," South Street, south side, second house west from Stewart Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Joseph Diflo, junior, 22, farm laborer; Gowrie Road, with his father, Joseph Diflo, senior, portion 148, parish of Gowrie [Toowoomba]. [10]

John Dixon, 53, gentleman; Drayton, adjoining Anglican Church [Toowoomba]. [3]

William George Dobbin, 21, laborer; corner of De Lacy and Ruthven Streets [Toowoomba]. [6]

Henry Dorries, 29, farmer; Gowrie Road State School [Gowrie]. [3]

Wilhelm Carl Dorries, 24, butcher; Jondaryan. [2]

Charles Goodman Downes, 44, commission agent; private street, first house from Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Francis Edward Driver, 30, store keeper; Neil Street, in T. Warner's house, opposite Gas Works [Toowoomba]. [10]

Alexander Duncanson, 33, baker; Wylie Street, first house from Herries Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Michael Dwine, 35, draper; Pohlmann's Cottage, Broxburn. [8]

Henry Robert Edwards, 21, seedsman; Mrs. Henderson's, Klein Street, second house east from Ruthven Street on the north side [Toowoomba]. [10]

William Jacob Eisemann, 32, farmer; Gowrie Little Plain. [4]

Henry Eiser, 26, cabinet maker; West Street, first house from Stenner Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Phillip Eiser (junior), 22, carpenter; South Street, second house from West Street [Toowoomba]. [5]

John Henry Ferdinand Enders, 45, farmer; Westbrook [Toowoomba]. [3]

Peter John Eppel, 36, laborer; Mr. Henry Eppel's cottage, corner of Neil and Perth Streets [Toowoomba]. [10]

Andrew Fitzherbert Evans, 54, stock inspector; Alderney, Toowoomba. [1]

Arnold Louis Evans, 35, hawker; corner of Margaret and Mary Streets [Toowoomba]. [3]

James Evans, 39, railway employee; The Gatehouse, Cranley Station, on the Southern and Western Line [Aubigny]. [10]

Henry Fagg, 49, inspector railways; private street, corner of Gowrie Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Charles Walker Farquharson, 29, carpenter; Stewart Street, Kennedy Estate, third house from Bridge Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

John William Faulkner, 27, compositor; corner of Neil and Campbell Streets [Toowoomba]. [6]

Gottlieb Feldmann, 32, hotel keeper; Imperial Hotel, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

David Fletcher, 27, Wesleyan minister; "Wynella," Hume Street, second house from corner of Campbell Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Ernest Edward Forth, 23, secretary; Imperial Hotel, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Patrick Maurice Frawley, 23, school teacher; Perseverance Creek. [4]

Charles Freeman, 52, station master; Railway Department, Clifton. [6] [Although a resident of Clifton, he applied for registration to vote in the district of Toowoomba because he owned freehold land at Muir Street, parish of Drayton.]

Walter Herbert French, 25, laborer; portion 59, Parish of Ravensbourne. [4]

James William Freney, 30, State School teacher; State School, Gowrie Road [Gowrie]. [3]

Reginald Freshney, 32, medical superintendent; Toowoomba Hospital [Toowoomba]. [3]

Charles Stuart William Furlong, 63, telegraph operator; Yandilla. [2]

John Gardiner, 34, miner; East Swamp Road, between Herries and Margaret Streets [Toowoomba]. [3]

George Gazzard, 58, contractor; Herries Street, third house from Neil Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Henry Austin Gazzard, 23, carpenter, Herries Street, third house from Neil Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Alexander Geddes, 23, gardener; Mackenzie Street, second house from Stenner Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

James Geddes, 36, fireman; Grenier Street, fourth house from Campbell Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

William Henry Gibbs, 36, store keeper; one house from School of Arts Hotel, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

William Gilbert, 21, laborer; corner of Argyle and Margaret Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Robert James Gill, 23, carter; James Street, second house from Philip Street, on south side [Toowoomba]. [10]

John Gleeson, 43, fireman; George Street, first house from Philip Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

John Patrick Gleeson, 21, laborer; Royal Hotel, Crow's Nest. [4]

Richard James Gleeson, 22, carter; George Street, second house from Philip Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Edwin John Godsall, 28, stock and station agent; Toowoomba. [7] [Registered to vote at the electoral district of Cambooya - held leasehold allotments at Pittsworth.]

George Alfred Godsall, 32, hotel keeper; Toowoomba. [7] [Registered to vote at the electoral district of Cambooya - owned freehold land at the parish of Rolleston.]

Richard Godsall, 26, gentleman; Toowoomba. [7] [Registered to vote at the electoral district of Cambooya - owned freehold land at the parish of Rolleston.]

Walter Clarence Gould, 33, groom and gardener; Charlton Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Henry Gratton, 21, painter; Rome Street, Newtown Estate, eighth house from West Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

James Gratton, 21, dairy farmer; Rome Street, Newtown Estate, third house from Mr. McPhie's residence [Toowoomba]. [10]

Robert Greenbury, 44, fruit growing and gardening; Alderney Street, Middle Ridge [Toowoomba]. [10]

Tom Birdsall Greenbury, 54, fruit growing and gardening; High Street, Middle Ridge [Toowoomba]. [10]

Daniel Greenslade, 29, carpenter; Union Hotel, Pittsworth. [2]

Edwin Ernest Greenwood, 21, ironmonger's assistant; corner of Herries and East Streets [Toowoomba]. [3]

William Gresty, 35, gardener; Wade Street, second house from West Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Michael William Gromley, 41, clerk; Belvidere, Hume Street, at Mrs. Cahill's Boarding House [Toowoomba]. [10]

Hermann Reinhold David Gruhl, 40, dairyman; Bailey's farm, Gowrie Road, adjoining Gowrie Road School [Toowoomba]. [10]

Albert Charles Grundy, 21, farmer; Wyreema Road, second house from school [Toowoomba]. [6]

Hans Gulk, 48, farmer; portion 54, Parish of Djuan. [8]

William Gunn, 24, shearer; corner of Hume and Bridge Streets [Toowoomba]. [3]

Robert Gwynne, 21, farmer; Umbirom. [7] [Registered to vote at the electoral district of Cambooya - owned freehold land at the parish of Westbrook.]

Henry Haines, 46, gardener; Mackenzie Street, first house from Klein Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Hale, 50, laborer; corner of French and Hume Streets [Toowoomba]. [3]

Thomas Frederick Hall, 25, chemist; Grand Hotel, Pittsworth. [2]

Patrick Hamell, 63, farmer; West Street, south, close to R. Handley's orange gardens [Toowoomba]. [10]

Albert Charles Hammond, 36, painter; corner of Stuart and Herries Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

George Hampson, 21, confectioner; corner of Gentle and Knight Streets [Toowoomba]. [6]

Augustus Phillips Langharne Hamwood, 34, merchant; James Street, first house left hand side over East Swamp Bridge [Toowoomba]. [3]

Robert George Cromwell Hamwood, 38, wheelwright; James Street, first house left hand side of the East Swamp Bridge [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Hanlon, 55, farmer; portion 259, Parish of Djuan. [8]

Denis Vincent Hannay, 23, well borer; Rosebank, Pittsworth. [8]

James Harlow, 31, Salvation Army officer; Anthony Street, fourth house from Neil Street [Toowoomba]. [5]

George Harper, 35, butcher; Donation Street, second house from Neil Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

William Harvey, 32, school teacher; State School, Umbiram, Southbrook. [8]

Richard Hayden, 21, labourer; Gowrie Junction. [4]

William Thomas Heeney, 21, printer; Lawrence Street, second house from Neil Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

John Francis Hegarty, 24, blacksmith; North Street, seventh house on the southern side, west of Brisbane railway line [Toowoomba]. [6]

William John Heller, 37, shearer; George Street, fifth house from Hume Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Andrew Arthur Henderson, 22, bank clerk; Union Bank, Pittsworth. [2]

Francis Hennessy, 21, articled clerk; Queen's Hotel, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Cyril Vivian Henry, 26, farmer; Charlton, portion 97, parish of Isaac [Aubigny]. [6]

Frederick Charles Henschele, 21, carpenter; Hume Street, Middle Ridge, opposite "Glenmore" and close to McIntyre's wine gardens [Toowoomba]. [10]

John Harrop Henzell, 56, gentleman; Ramsay Street, second house from Mary Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Carl Gustav August Herbst, 34, cabinet maker; South Street, first house from Hume Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

William Herlihy, 25, railway employee; Mrs. White's boarding house, Russell Street, opposite Defiance Mill [Toowoomba]. [10]

Joseph Heuschele, 40, laborer; next Mr. L. Fogarty, M.L.A., Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Thomas John Hill, 34, blacksmith; Yandilla Street, Pittsworth. [8]

William Andrews Hobson, 33, carpenter; Rome Street, sixth house from West Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

George Henry Hogg, 21, store keeper assistant; Kleinton. [4]

Thomas Holden, 25, brick maker; Kleinton. [4]

John Hood, 28, teller; Arthur Street, fourth house from Mary Street [Toowoomba]. [5]

George Hooper, 36, laborer; Crow's Nest. [4]

Francis William Hopgood, 30, compositor; Anthony Street, first house from Neil Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Percy George Hopgood, 28, hair dresser; Globe Restaurant, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

John James Horne, 26, butcher; Campbell Brothers, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

William Edward Humphrey, 35, farmer; Westbrook. [2]

John Hunter, 26, clerk; corner of Neil Street and Donation Lane [Toowoomba]. [6]

Joseph Ingram, 25, hawker; corner of Donation Lane and Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

William Alexander Jamieson, 21, clicker; Mort Street, fifth house from Gowrie Road [Toowoomba]. [6]

Ferdinand Jannusch, 23, farmer; Glencoe. [4]

Louis Jensen, 24, malster; Paterson, Redwood & Co's Malt House, Black Gully. [6]

Alfred Ernest Johnson, 25, laborer; Neil Street, first house south from Margaret Street on west side [Toowoomba]. [10]

John Campbell Jones, 64, teacher; Mackenzie Street, second house from Bridge Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Robert Leslie Jones, 23, saddler; Thorn Street, first house from Neil Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Jordan, 45, farmer; Walker's Paddock [Toowoomba]. [6]

Frank Judd, 28, clerk; Telford Street, first house from Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Louis Keller, 40, laborer; Renwick's Cottages, near Filshie, Broadfoot's Saw Mills. [3]

O'Hara Kelly, 27, carpenter; Wylie Street, in Mr. Keily's property, being sub-division 13 to 16 of allotment 2 and 3 of section 3 [Toowoomba]. [10]

Patrick Augustine Kelly, 21, school teacher; Meringandan. [1]

Valentine James Kelly, 23, engine cleaner; Wylie Street, with Mr. Kelly, guard on the Southern and Western Railway, the property adjoining Mr. Butcher's private residence [Toowoomba]. [10]

Ebenezer Kemp, 37, commission agent; O'Brien's Buildings, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Edward Kenefake, 30, lengthsman; corner of Stewart and Eton Streets [Toowoomba]. [6]

Michael Kennedy, 29, farmer; Grange Farm, adjoining Weir's farm corner of Gowrie Road and road leading to Alexandra Estate. [3]

William Henry Kilham, 28, wool classer; south west corner Klein and Hume Streets [Toowoomba]. [6]

Joseph John Kreis, 44, saddler; Annand Street, being second house from Neil Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Frederick William Kretschmar, 21, farm servant; Crosshill, via Oakey. [8]

August Joseph Kruger, 30, farmer; Goombungee. [4]

Bernhard Kruger, 28, farmer; Douglas. [4]

Richard Henry Carl Kuhl, 25, farmer; Boah Peak. [4]

George William Ladewig, 31, baker; Foundry Street, third house from Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Thomas Lake, 53, laborer; Taylor Street, Mort Estate, Toowoomba, in one of Mr. Gorring's cottages. [10]

John Lamb, 33, miner; Oakey, Colliery Paddock. [5]

Walter Lambert, 22, farmer; second house east of Westbrook Crossing on Westbrook Road [Toowoomba]. [6]

David Landsborough, 22, labourer; Mr. John Sullivan's, Sugarloaf, Pittsworth. [8]

Carl Albert Latz, 21, farmer; Rossvale, near Pittsworth. [7]

William Lawrence, 21, farmer; Mount Pleasant. [4]

Denis Leane, 26, labourer; Meringandan. [4]

Edward Ledbury, 21, carpenter; Racecourse Estate, Carrington Road, allotment 6, parish of Drayton. [10]

Sydney LeFeuvre, 24, laborer; at Mr. Cory's, Russell Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Henry Lewis, 39, laborer; Mort Street, Mort Estate, first house from Campbell Street (only house) [Toowoomba]. [10]

William Lewis, 43, clicker; Bridge Street, twelfth house from Mort Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Litte, 52, farmer; Gowrie. [5]

Frank Lloyd, 33, labourer; Harrow Station. [2]

Richard Longford, 39, carpenter; Wallace Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Edward Thomas Loveday, 21, farmer; Forest Inn, Drayton Road [Toowoomba]. [3]

Henry Edward Luck, 26, horse driver; Harrow Station. [2]

Joseph Luke, 45, lengthsman; Klein Street, portion 23 [Toowoomba]. [10]

Joseph Lundie, 29, minister of the Gospel; Presbyterian Manse, James Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

William Henry Lyle, 30, dairyman; Herries Street, second house from Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Robert Maag, 21, labourer; Meringandan. [4]

David Mackay, 40, carrier; Mort Street, second house from Taylor Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Robert Duane Mackintosh, 25, gentleman; Glencairn, Sothbrook. [8]

Robert Holmes Macpherson, 35, book keeper; Campbell Street, fourth house from West Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Thomas Malpas, 21, blacksmith; Ramsay Street, first house from Bridge Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Arthur Edward Markey, 24, stockman; Turallin. [2]

John Martin, 36, labourer; Argyle Saw Mills, Geham. [4]

John William Mason, 41, blacksmith; corner of West and Agnes Streets [Toowoomba]. [6]

John Mathieson, 58, grazier and farmer; Milton, Goombungee. [10] [Registered to vote in Toowoomba, as he owned some freehold land at Drayton, Toowoomba.]

John Matthews, 60, cook; Boland and McHugh's, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Thomas Matthews, 38, painter; corner of Mackenzie and Belle Vue Streets, at Hooper's Farm, Middle Ridge [Toowoomba]. [10]

William Albert Matthews, 29, farmer; Gowrie Little Plain. [4]

William Maxwell, 33, jeweller; Bowen Street [Toowoomba]. [1]

James May, junior, 25, laborer; Merritt's Creek [Aubigny]. [5]

John Henry Maycock, 21, carrier; first house, Station Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

James Frederick McCafferty, 21, farmer; Gowrie Little Plain. [4]

Thomas McCarthy, 39, farmer; Wellcamp Estate, Crosshill. [2]

Ronald McDonald, 56, farmer; Westbrook Road, first house east Westbrook Crossing [Toowoomba]. [6]

August Thomas Joseph McEnery, 23, laborer; Gowrie Street, fourth house from Mort Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Richard McFarlane, 36, carpenter; Harp of Erin Hotel, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [5]

Alexander McGaw, 23, carpenter; West Street, Mort Estate, third house from Gowrie Road [Toowoomba]. [10]

Arthur John McGoldrick, 44, hotel keeper; Royal Hotel, Toowoomba. [1]

Samuel McKay, 21, shunter; Hume Street, Kennedy Estate, second house from Bridge Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Hugh McKee, 32, laborer; De Lacy Street, Moffat Estate, a tenant of Mr. McLay, being subdivision 24, allotment A of section 24 [Toowoomba]. [10]

Patrick McKenna, 50 [?], wheelwright; Society Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Arthur McKenzie, 36, school teacher; State School, Southbrook. [8]

Bernard McKewin, 42, hotel keeper; Range View Hotel, Highfields Road [Aubigny]. [9]

James McNab, 31, butcher; Eton Street, first house from Federal Hotel [Toowoomba]. [3]

Henry Walter Mears, 47, station manager; Taylor Street, fourth house from West Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Edward Meenin, 40, laborer; Brewery Lane, 2nd house from Margaret Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Sinclair Miller, 21, carpenter; Taylor Street, fifth house from West Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

John Milligan, 32, seedsman; Hume Street, east side, second house north from Campbell Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Thomas Moloney, 57, laborer; Bridge Street, third house from Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Thomas Austin Moloney, 21, boot maker; Bridge Street, Kennedy Estate, third house off Ruthven Street, left hand side [Toowoomba]. [10]

Hercules Moncrieff, 29, laborer; at Mr. Tom Meagher's Western Hotel, corner of Ruthven and Russell Streets [Toowoomba]. [10]

Walter Richard Moss, 22, fireman; south east corner of Hume and Gentle Streets [Toowoomba]. [10]

John Mullen, 29, lengthsman; Spring Bluff. [4]

John Muller, 21, carpenter; Ramsay Street north, near Royal Agricultural Show Grounds [Toowoomba]. [10]

George Munro, 38, merchant; Mort Street, second house from Taylor Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

William Munro, 31, laborer; Taylor Street, at Mrs. McKay's boarding house [Toowoomba]. [10]

Christoph[er?] Murr, 40, farmer; Gowrie Little Plain. [4]

Harry Carmichael Murray, 21, farmer; Beleura, Southbrook. [8]

Arthur Bernard Nagel, 29, auctioneer; Royal Hotel, Toowoomba. [6]

James Nelder, 22, farm servant; Doctor's Creek. [4]

Patrick Neville, 22, cabinet maker; Campbell Street, second house from Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Albert Mitchell Newman, 40, commission agent; Mr. Garget's house, Herries Street, opposite Mrs. G. Stephen's private residence [Toowoomba]. [10]

William Nicolaus, 21, dairy farmer; with Mr. Joseph Nicolaus, being allotments 5 and 6, section 3, Perth Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

James Robert Nicoll, 40, medical practitioner; Hospital for Insane, Toowoomba. [3]

Thomas James Nihill, 21, grocer; in Mr. Parson's cottage, Hume Street, opposite Police Inspector's residence [Toowoomba]. [10]

William Alfred Noble (senior), 74, gentleman; Arthur Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Burchell North, 52, warder; Reformatory, Westbrook. [8]

Frederick Algernon Nunn, 22, benchman; Aorangi Farm, portion 20, Parish of Cooyar. [8]

William Bernhardt Oberhardt, 29, farmer; portion 8, parish of Beauaraba. [3]

John O'Connor, 37, laborer; Mr. D. Munro's Saw Mill, Perseverance. [5]

George Jacob Oelkers, 41, licensed victualler; Australian Hotel, James Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Dorward Wears Ogilvie, 23, laborer; private street, Moffat Estate, near Moffat Hotel [Toowoomba]. [6]

William O'Keeffe, junior, 21, laborer; with Mr. William O'Keeffe, senior, in Seaton Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Charles Clement Ollier, 22, blacksmith; Taylor Street, Mort Estate, being fourth house from West Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

John O'May, 33, cab proprietor; corner of Ruthven Street South and Laager Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Walter Organ, 26, fruiterer; O'Brien's Buildings, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Daniel Osbaldiston, 25, carter; Sir Street, at Mrs. Wood's, Kennedy Estate, off Bridge Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Adolf Otto, 23, farmer; Cawdor. [4]

Elijah Palmer, 27, groom; Royal Hotel, Mort Estate [Toowoomba]. [10]

Richard Pappin, 41, saw mill hand; Raff Street, first house from Delacy Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

William Parsons, 21, bricklayer; with Mr. H. Parsons, Kent Street, Main Range [Toowoomba]. [10]

Mark Thomas Pascoe, 22, farmer; Thorn Vale, Emu Creek. [5]

Carl Albert Paulsen, 25, farmer; Plainby, portion 3, Parish of Douglas. [8]

Hinerich Christian Paulsen, 25, farmer; Gowrie Flat, Djuan. [4]

Thomas Pember, 39, fruiterer; Ruthven Street, next door to Mrs. Groom [Toowoomba]. [3]

William Henry Allen Phillips, 39, clerk, Railway Department [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Henry Platz, 26, laborer; Mackenzie Street, second house from Alderly Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Dionisius Polzin, 26, farmer; Douglas. [4]

George James Porter, 21, labourer; Roseneath, North Branch [Cambooya]. [7]

Tindal Pearson Porter, 42, manager, Hogarth Meat Preserving Works, Oakey Creek [Aubigny]. [1]

Henry Proudfoot, 35, joiner; Pittsworth. [2]

Albert Pugh, 35, draper; Pittsworth. [7]

John Quainton, 28, railway employee; Arthur Street, Kennedy Estate [Toowoomba]. [10]

Patrick Joseph Quinn, 21, farm hand; Geham. [4]

Edwin James Radford, 21, grocer; south west corner of Norwood and Gowrie Streets [Toowoomba]. [10]

Robert Rattray, 33, lapidary; corner of Margaret and Mary Streets [Toowoomba]. [6]

George Michael Reithmuller, 22, farm laborer; with Mr. G.F. Reithmuller, Glenvale, near State School [Toowoomba]. [10]

Charles Moss Roberts, 46, stone mason; Station Street, third house from Margaret Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Ernest James Robertson, 24, clerk; Mrs. Henderson's, Klein Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

James Campbell Robertson, 21, book seller; Roseneath, Taylor Street, second house from West Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

James Rogers, 24, saddler; The Globe Restaurant, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

John Rollston, 21, civil servant; first house, Instow Street, off Herries Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Thomas Brunton Ross, 22, school teacher; next R. Lynch, Brisbane Street, Drayton. [6]

Walter Robert Ross, 21, articled clerk; next R. Lynch, Brisbane Street, Drayton. [6]

James Henry Royal, 29, laborer; Carlton Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Walter Henry Russell, 49, shoe maker; Telford Street, sixth house from Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Patrick Ryan, 74, laborer; James Street, second house from Phillip Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Ryder, 25, gardener; Toowoomba Hospital [Toowoomba]. [5]

William George Rye, 24, groom; Nundora, Herries Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Richard Ryland, 35, bank manager; Royal Bank Buildings, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Thomas Harrison Sanders, 28, grocer; Agnes Street, second house from Christmas Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Julius Henry Santowski, 23, farmer; Koojarrewon. [4]

William Charles Satchwell, 29, laborer; Bridge Street, fourth house from Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Roman Schick, 21, farmer; Goombungee. [4]

Carl Schmaling, 45, farmer; Doctor's Creek. [4]

Carl Hermann Schultz, 27, farmer; Gowrie Junction. [5]

Friedrick Wilhelm Schultz, 21, farmer; Goombungee. [4]

Hermann Robert Schultz, 56, carpenter; Toowoomba. [4] [Although residing in Toowoomba, this gentleman is shown to have owned property in Meringandan, as well.]

Joseph Scragg, 44, farmer; Spring Valley, Pittsworth. [2]

Henry Seip, 25, carrier; Wallace Street, Newtown Estate, in Mr. T. Higgin's cottage [Toowoomba]. [10]

David Sharpe, 21, plumber; West Street, sixth house from Gowrie Road [Toowoomba]. [6]

Charles Fraser Simpson, 29, laborer; off Hume Street, near Mr. T. Royal, being subdivision 20 and 30, allotments C and D, section 22 [Toowoomba]. [10]

James Simpson, 23, fencer; Highfields Road, third house from North Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

David Sinclair, 45, horse trainer; Raceview, opposite Racecourse [Toowoomba]. [3]

William John Slaughter, 29, carpenter; Herries Street, third house from Neil Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Charles Smith, 64, labourer; Greenmount. [2]

Philip Smith, 21, farmer; portion 229, Parish of Djuan. [8]

William Smith, 37, engineer; Hospital for Insane, Toowoomba. [3]

Kenneth Alfred Somers, 28, teacher; Bowen Street, Drayton, fifth house from West Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

George Sondergeld, 48, farmer; Pinning's Farm, Springside, Pittsworth. [8]

Philip Sowden, 36, farmer; One Mile Creek, near Drayton. [6]

James Spiers, 21, printer; Mary Street, East State School [Toowoomba]. [3]

Henrich Spies, 22, labourer; Meringandan. [1]

Benjamin Stapleton, 27, omnibus driver; Bell Street, second house from Neil Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Job Eagles Stone, 36, job printer; Highfields Road [Aubigny]. [1]

Harry Stoodley, 36, baker; James Street, first house from Hume Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Joseph John Stower, 21, cheese maker; Fernhill, Southbrook. [8]

William Stuart, 53, boot maker; O'Brien's Buildings, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [1]

Michael Sullivan, 21, carpenter; Bellvue Street, portion 570, Parish of Drayton. [6]

Frederick James Taylor, 25, laborer; Annand Street, second house from Neil Street, being subdivision 7, allotment 16, section 7 [Toowoomba]. [10]

Robert Tedford, 25, farmer; Glenvale. [6]

George Henry Thorne, 37, station manager; McDowall's cottage, near "The Racecourse" [Toowoomba]. [10]

William Henry Lindsey Thornton, 59, grazier; "Nithsdale," corner of Herries, McKenzie and Scott Streets [Toowoomba]. [10]

Atticus Tooth, 67, farmer; Cooby Creek. [4]

John Robson Torbock, 46, farmer; South Street, opposite Rowbotham's [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Towerton, 22, clicker; Globe Restaurant, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Michael Travers, 28, laborer; portion 35, Parish of Crow's Nest. [4]

Thomas Alfred Trevethan, 24, bicycle manufacturer; Herries Street, first house from Freemason's Hotel [Toowoomba]. [6]

William Turnbull, 36, warder at Asylum, Willowburn; adjoining Drummond's Gate, Dalby Railway Line [Aubigny]. [6]

Charles Turner, 38, jeweller; Chrissen's Jeweller's shop, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Upton, 23, carter; Argyle Street, second house from Lindsay Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Richard Usher, 32, laborer; corner of Boundary and Hight Streets [Toowoomba]. [3]

Frank Vasina, 48, farmer; subdivision 2, section C, portion 327, McKenzie Street, Middle Ridge [Toowoomba]. [10]

Paul Volkmann, 41, station carpenter; Railway Yards [Toowoomba]. [1]

Christie Voll, 25, farmer; Boah Waterholes. [4]

George Needham Walker, 51, sheriff's officer; corner of Bellevue and Boundary Streets [Toowoomba]. [1]

Edward Michael Walsh, 39, able seaman; Campbell Brothers, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

James Walsh, 28, laborer; Railway Boarding House, Russell Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

Patrick James Ward, 23, school teacher; Biddeston, via Oakey. [8]

Robert Albert Ward, 22, farmer; Koojarrewon. [4]

John Samuel Warren, 26, painter; c/o T. Wheatcroft, Arthur Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

George Washington, 29, hairdresser; Globe Hotel, Ruthven Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Eustace Welford Watson, 23, farmer; Sunnyside, Southbrook. [2]

George Weaver, 38, brick maker; Park View Cottage, Bridge Street, opposite R.A.S. Grounds [Toowoomba]. [3]

Albert Julius Wegner, 34, farmer; Gowrie Junction. [5]

John Whalen, 34, laborer; European Hotel, Russell Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

George Edward Whitney, 21, labourer; Geham. [4]

Joseph Whittaker, 22, farmer; North Branch, Pittsworth. [8]

Richard Whittaker, junior, 21, farmer; Wilmount, Broxburn, Pittsworth. [8]

Joseph Whittle, 44, saddler; Yandilla Street, Pittsworth. [8]

Sydney Fullerton Whyte, 25, tailor; Margaret Street west, five doors from the Christian Brothers' School [Toowoomba]. [10]

Johann Heinrich Wieden, 23, farmer; Meringandan. [5]

August Wiemers, 21, blacksmith; corner of Hume and Long Streets [Toowoomba]. [3]

James Williams, 66, shoe maker; immediately behind Hibernian Hall [Toowoomba]. [3]

John Willi[a?]ms, 56, farmer; Koojarrewon. [4]

Henry Willmington, 36, station hand; Eton Vale Station [Cambooya]. [7]

William Richard Wilson, 41, collar maker; Ruthven Street, one house from Moffatt Hotel [Toowoomba]. [3]

Frederick William Winter, 21, cabinet maker; West Street south on Alderley Park Estate [Toowoomba]. [6]

Joseph Winward, 54, book keeper; Neil Street, west side, fifth house south from Herries Street [Toowoomba]. [10]

Alfred Witty, 40, store keeper; Farmers' Store, Southbrook. [8]

Christian Wohlsen, 24, carpenter; James Street, at Mr. John Wohlsen's property, being subdivision 10, allotment 20, section 13 [Toowoomba]. [10]

Henry Wolfgramm, 22, farmer; McKenzie Street, south [Toowoomba]. [10]

Charles Leichardt Wonderley, 26, bank clerk; Stewart Street, second house from Herries Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

Henry William Woodford, 48, engineer; Hume Street [Toowoomba]. [6]

George Woods, 33, laborer; Neil Street, opposite end of Bell Street [Toowoomba]. [3]

August John Worst, 27, farmer; Gowrie Junction. [5]

Herbert Yeates, 21, commission agent; Gladstone Hotel, Ruthven Street, Toowoomba. [10]

William James Young, 21, miller; Hume Street, Mrs. Martin's boarding house, second house from Campbell Street [Toowoomba]. [10]


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