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Lucy Neale, Christina Harrison, Gitta Walther, Linda G. Thompson

Dagmar Hellberg, Lucy Neale, Gitta Walther, Christina Harrison

The Hornettes are Lucy Neale (Born in the USA, in Cleveland, Ohio ex-Hair-member, ex-Love Generation 1968-1978), Christina Harrison (ex-Hair member, ex-Love Generation), Gitta Walther (aka Jackie Robinson) (ex-Love Generation/Cornely Singers 1968-1978) & Linda G. Thompson (ex-Silver Convention.)

Originally Dagmar Hellberg was in the group, but she was replaced with Linda G. Thompson in 1980.

In 1985, Freya Wippich and Jackie Carter replaced Lucy Neale and Christina Harrison, and then Jackie Carter left the group in 1994.

The Hornettes Members:

1980: Dagmar, Gitta, Lucy, Christina
1980-1985: Linda, Gitta, Lucy, Christina
1985-1993: Linda, Gitta, Freya, Jackie
1994- : Linda, Gitta, Freya


Lucy, Gitta, Dagmar & Christina


-Stop (Stein-Jass-Neale)
-Not Too Young (Spector/Bary/Greenwich)
Produced by Rainer Pietsch
(7" Strand 612768 AC)

Christina, Lucy, Gitta & Linda


-You Are My Destiny (Anka)
-Lollipop (Ross/Dixon)
Produced by Rainer Pietsch
(7" Strand 612947 AC)

Lucy, Gitta, Christina & Linda


-Mannequin (Siegel/Meinunger)
-Jukebox (Siegel/Meinunger)
Produced by R. Siegel, arranged by N. Daum
(7" Jupiter Records 613033 AC)

Lucy, Gitta, Linda & Christina


-Columbus (R. Siegel/F. Jay) Produced by R. Siegel & N. Daum
-Do You Think I'm Foolin' (M. Hofmann/W. Schuler/J. Rocco)
Produced by M. Hofmann
(7" Jupiter Records 613467 AC)

Lucy, Christina, Gitta & Linda


-You've Got A Right (To Love Somebody) (B. Channel/K. Kane)
-Don't Let Go (L. Macaluso)
Produced by Rainer Pietsch
(7" Jupiter Records 613692 AC)

Lucy, Christina, Linda & Gitta,


-Hello Mr. Radio
-Jimmy Dean

(7" Jupiter Records 613794 AC)

(This song was entered in the pre-selection for the Eurovsion Song Contest for Austria and finished in third place.)

Linda, Gitta, Lucy & Christina


-1,2,3 (John Madara/David White/Leonard Borisoff)
-Takin' The 5:05 To London (R.P. Maja Rolgal/Werner Schüler)
Produced & arranged by Rainer Pietsch
(7" Jupiter Records 613885 AC)


Linda, Christina, Lucy, Gitta

WE ARE ON THE WAY-O (1982) (Jupiter Records 624861 AS)

-Waikiki Tamoure (R. Siegel/N. Daum/L. Neale/G. Walter)
-Motorbike Ride (W. Stein/W. Jass)
-We Are On The Way-O (H. Hornung/D. Votion)
-Carry Me Home (M. Hofmann/P. Birmingham)
-T-E-L-E-P-H-O-N-E (R. Siegel/B. Meinunger/L. Neale)
-Mannequin (English version) (R. Siegel/B. Meinunger/L. Neale)

-Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy (D. Raye/H. Prince)
-Shout (O'Kelly Isley/Isley)
-Hawaii (L. Neale/L. Neale/G. Walter)
-Wait Until My Bobby Gets Home (P. Spector/E. Greenwich)
-Rum + Coca Cola (P. Baron/I. Sullivan/M. Amsterdam)
-What Will They Say At School (L. Neale/L.Neale)
-Come Go With Me (C. E. Quick/C. E. Quick)
-Rock Medley (Devil With The Blue Dress/Let's Have A Party/Oh Boy/Somethin' Else/Long Tall Sally) (Various)

Produced & arranged by R. Siegel & N. Daum except Carry Me Home by M. Hofmann
Album includes a poster

Linda, Christina, Lucy, Gitta


Waikiki Tamoure/T-E-L-E-P-H-O-N-E

Linda, Freya, Jackie & Gitta


Linda, Freya & Gitta

WELTHITS (MCP Records CD 158,557 / Trend CD 156,268)

-Rock Me Baby (J. Nash)
-Fernando (B. Anderson/B. Ulvaenus)
-Silence Is Golden (B. Gaudio/B. Crewe)
-Son Of A Preacher Man (Hurley/Wilkens)
-When A man Loves A Woman (C. Lewis/A. Wright)
-Legende Of The Gone (Trad./J. Marcus/W. Zweifel)
-Dream Boating (B. Wippich/W. Zweifel/F. Bride)
-Monday Monday (J. Philips)
-Sound Of Silence (P. Simon)
-Spanish Harlem (P. Spector)
-Nightlife (J. Marcus/B. Wippich)
-Unchained Melody (F. North/H. Zaret)
-Diamonds & Amber (J. Marcus/B. Wippich)
-Sex In A Train (W. Zweifel/J. Marcus)

Produced by Jürgen Marcus Musicproductions, Münich

Linda, Freya & Gitta ........................................................ Gitta, Jackie, Freya & Linda

HOLIDAY (1994) (KOCH) (Re-release: MCP Records CD 158,577)

-Hawaii (Vahine Pamotu) (E. Lund/E. Lund/G. Walther/L. Neale) (Re-recording)
-La Paloma Blanca (H. Bouwens)
-Pata Pata (Makeba/Ravagoy/Budde)
-La Bamba (Trad.)
-Chirpy Chirpy (H. Scott/G. Cassia/C. Fabi)
-Le Coco (F & U Wippich)
-C'est La Vie (W. Zweifel/ C. Ptach/ F & U Wippich)
-Hands Up (H.-C. W. van Hemert)
-Super Trouper (B. Anderson/B. Ulvaenus)
-El Condor Pasa (D. A. Robles/P. Simon)
-Island In The Sun (H. Belafonte/Lord Burgess)
-One Fine Day (C. King/G. Goffin)
-Apple Mambo (P. Boone)
-Get On Up (W. Zweifel/ C. Ptach/ F & U Wippich)

Produced by Jürgen Marcus Musicproductions, Münich

Linda G. Thompson, Freya Wippich, Jackie Carter & Gitta Walther

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