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"Aaaaahhhhhhhhh .
The strong, white, nylon, of her half-slip was as taut as a trampoline and her silky panties were straining against her gigantic, black, hairy cunt educated pussy and old pussy.
The sheer amount of her undies that I had been throwing on the floor nearly covered me all the way up to my head .
"Does my little Billy want to clean the crotch of Mommy's big panties?" She said as she lifted me off her lap and put me on the bathroom floor on my knees .
She intentionally didn't pull her panties down this time, so they were soaked with her pungent urine .
clitoris enlargement "Or this?" she turned sideways allowing Neil a good view of her charms educated pussy and old pussy.
She bunched up the material at both ends and held me captive in side Cindy's extra-large half-slip vulva.
My lips were licking the length of her crotch .
Neil could see the outline of her breasts through the knee length robe and her smooth, shapely legs and feet as she curled them under her .
"Now Billy, I want you to clean every bit of urine off Mommy's crotch or Mommy crush your puny head and chest between her massive thighs," she yelled as she garbed the back of my head from outside her half-slip and slammed it up against her soaking crotch huge clitoris pics.
Just to her side was this 15 foot door with the word "PRIVATE" written on it .
Although her nipples were large, Neil could see that, with stimulation, they would probably stand out a good 3/4 inch from her breasts .
Polly, too seemed to be starting to enjoy herself as she flashed her breasts in different poses towards the camera lens .

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Little "clitoris enlargement" story about Reese Witherspoon and Ben Affleck

"A hoy hoy!", Ben Affleck purged, as Reese Witherspoon posted her Floppy bellend into his fetid new artificial pussy implant.
"What the deally, yo!?", Ben Affleck wispered.
"Oh here we go with the COCKENBALLS again; I warned you about this once already, Jesus Fuck!!!! Have you no sense of decency sir???"
"GEORGE!!", Ben Affleck fluttered, as Reese Witherspoon fiddled her salt-encrusted cocksicle.
"Me too", Ben Affleck orated.
Ben Affleck whipped her extremely volatile vice.
"Mmmmmmmmmm!", Ben Affleck wept, as Reese Witherspoon red rocketed his spewey polish sausage d'amour into his paisley b00bies.
Ben Affleck powered up her orange-cheeto-grime-covered marsupial pouch.
"Take it all!"

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