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Last update: Dec 09, 2007
Wow!  Two years since an update!  I'm actually surprised that anyone still visits this site.  I was about to take it down, but a few people have stopped by just in the past few days.  That's cool... though I can't imagine why since I haven't even visited this site myself in almost two years.  And I've never gotten feedback... but that's neither here nor there.
Anyway, what did I do?  Let's see... I removed a few items that have never been visited.  Why keep them up when no one wants them, right?  I plan on doing more of that and eventually just clearing the site completely.  Of course, that may be another two years down the road.  I just don't have the time to spend on this and haven't written anything new in a long time.  I haven't ran a game in just about the same amount of time so there's no inspiration, either.  I'll post here if I sell my books on ebay.  No reason in keeping them if I don't use them.  I have every HU book that's out so if you're missing one I've got it.  Thanks for visiting.  Keep checking back... well, no don't bother.