How to become
A successful programmer
K.O. Thaha Hussain

I am writing this article to enlighten the fellow programmers. I will be very happy if you assimilate atleast few points and become successful

Reader Level: Beginner and Intermidiate

1. Believe in God and believe in yourself

2. Basic knowledge in Mathematics ( a 12th Standard Maths logic is enough)
I can list the important mathematical skills required

  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division of Fractions
  • Basic Algebra, Equation Solving (Linear & Quadratic)
  • Matrix (Addition, Multiplication etc)
  • Co-ordinate geometry (Plotting graph etc)
  • Basic Accounting (Commerce people are lucky)

These are very easy and you can approach a Maths Teacher to learn these skills. It will take only one month. 

3. Learn the basic programming techniques

  • Loops (For, Do -While ) Without having sufficient knowledge in looping you will never be a successful programmer.
  • Arrays
  • Decision Structures ( If, Switch etc)
  • Sorting
  • File Manipulations (Writing and Reading Text files etc)

4. You should be always in an attitude to learn new things.

5. Go through other people's source code and see how others are thinking for a particular problem.

6. Discuss various issues with experienced professionals

7. Learn various keyboard-shortcuts and use them. (Ex: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+F9, Ctrl+A, Alt+F4 etc) Learn from the menu 

8. Visit
Download programs from this site and learn each program individually. (There is C, C++, VB, Delphi,ASP & Java programs available) 

9. One thing is sure! You will not be a programmer without doingprogramming. 

10. Select one live project and take patience to finish it evenif it is not bringing any money.

11. Use C or C++ as the starting Language. Don't go directly to Visual programming languages like VB, VC etc.

12. Write well commented applications. Learn proper intending.  

13. A good program is not a complicated one. It is a program which is understandable to anyone.  

14. Some very good programming sites are
Visual Basic :-,
ASP :-,
Oracle :- (Goto Search/Archives)
C, C++, Java :-
Java Script :-  

Visit these sites regularly. Download programs and learn them. They may be in ZIP format. Unzip them with utilities like WinZip.  

Visiting these sites will help you in the following:

  • Good programming practices
  • Optimizing Techniques
  • Different ways of solving a particular problem
  • What is happening in the programming field etc

Mathematics oriented programs written by Thaha Hussain.
All programs are in VisualBasic.

1. Maths behind bezier curve (Higher Maths)
2. Random Number Generator (Simple Maths)
3. Analog Clock (Intermedate Maths)
4. Spectrum Generator (Very Simple Maths)
5. Magic Square (Very simple Maths)


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