I want to use you
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Money slaves. Financial abuse. Monetary humiliation.

If that's nothing for you then you're in the wrong place, go away. I'm a 33 y/o Asian woman. I'm a Mistress, I'm a Goddess and I'm a complete bitch. I have a deal for you: you give me your money and you receive absolutely nothing in return. Sounds fair, doesn't it? Actually, you get something. You get this empty feeling of having been used. You get the humiliation of knowing that I'm laughing my head of as I'm selfishly spending your hard earned money on myself. You get the satisfaction of knowing that the worthless pig like you has contributed to a better life of a superior being.

Some of you like to play games. Sure, we can play games, how about one of those two:

Blackmail. Send me enough blackmail material and I'll make sure that you'll serve me forever.

Chastity. Put on a chastity device and send me the keys. I'll make sure your life will never be the same again.


Additionally, some of you perverts want to buy my trash. Sure, I can sell you my toe nail clippings, worn out shoes or old pantyhose, but the supply is limited so I'll make you pay for those through your nose. Just let me know.
You're worth less than the dirt under my feet
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Name: Petra
Email: thaidomme@yahoo.se
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