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 An impressive evening in Ayuthya  
 In the whole history of Siam, Ayuthaya had been
  the second capital for the longest period. For 417          
 years it could stand as the center of the Siamese          
 power, it had passed through many periods of joy          
 and suffering. It had witnessed the greatest period          
 of the Siamese when the Thais were in great          
Ayuthaya at night
 harmony. Also I could regret the severe internal            
 conflict within the kingdom which led into the final fall of Ayuthaya.    These are some pictures in memories of our friends
 Nowaday, Ruins of temples which were majorly destroyed during the last      who kindly share their time with us in journeys around
  war with Burma are maintained and their stories  are recovered as such to        Thailand.Knowing one another before we may not,
  evidence the prosperity of the old Siam. The honor from the UNESCO      at least, we all appear here with the same interest, that
  "Ayuthya, the world heritage" since 1991 becomes a great motivation for     is to explore the beauty of this kingdom. This page is
  many travellers to once visit this city. The real barriers that may block them     to share our good memories within our small society.
  away are the climatical heat and the overwhelm history.    
 To avoid such problem, We design this trip to be in the late afternoon in     
 such the way to harmonize both the mental and physical satisfaction.      
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