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 Trip to the nature and historical culture on the lower North-east Thailand  
"The natural trip from the Kao Yai national park to the wineyard of Korat"
"Great fun in the Chokechai dairy farm and the Korat open zoo." "learn the local wisdom and trace the evidence of the khmer culture over the N/E of Thailand"          
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               "visit the city of monkeys and hear the story during the golden age of Siamese international trade"  The North-east region of Thailand occupies over    These are some pictures in memories of our friends
 1/3 of the overall kingdom by size of land and also     who kindly share their time with us in journeys around
 by its population. This big piece of land posseses     Thailand.Knowing one another before we may not,
 varieties of charmful attractions from nature to     at least, we all appear here with the same interest, that
 historical sites.Many are even older than the history     is to explore the beauty of this kingdom. This page is
 of the country.     to share our good memories within our small society.
 We have designed our trips into different routes.    
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 Hereunder is the journey the lower North-eastern    
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 Thailand is not big but it has many varieties of    More information you may either read from the ' Suggestion on tour' or
  attractions to be explored.It may be quite hard    easily search from any web directories by using the word.
  sometimes to manage the itenerary since all                          
  attractions are of equal interest.This webpage  
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  know the priority of your visit and it may be easier    This web page will connect you to the website of
  for you to decisively get start.       necessary information about Thailand, which you can
      refer to while designing your  trip within  this kingdom.
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