Mr.Natee Hlumkum


     82/3 Mu1 T.NongBowNer A.Maung TAK 63000 Thailand

     E-mail:,,,,  Mobile:  +66 89 7777 162

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Text Box: Early Background         



          Date of Birth             21 Jan 1977                        Height                     172 cm

          Age                        33 Years                            Weight                    80 kg

          Place of Birth            TAK                                 Health                     Excellent

          Religion                  Buddhism                          Marital status            Single

          Nationality                Thai                                 Military status              No service obligation


Text Box: Education


          Bachelor's Degree of Business Information Technology (BIT)

            Department Of Statistic

            Factory Of Commerce And Accountancy

            Chulalongkorn University.

Thailand in 2001

Text Box: Data Base & Programming knowledge



          SQL Server




Visual FoxPro 5,6,7,8 and 9

Text Box: Operating System & Network knowledge         



          PC           : DOS, Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT, XP

            Server    : Windows NT Server,2000 Server, 2003 Server, (x64), Netware3.12, Netware4, Netware5

Network  : LAN/WAN with EIA/TIA 568 Standard, TCP/IP

          Other      : Linux on learning





Computer:                Programing Analyst

                                    Database Analyst & Management

                                    ● Network Analyst (include wireless network)

                                    Install Network cable, Hub, Switch, Router

                                    ● Install config & maintain File Server,Web Server, Mail Server, Ftp Server

                                    ● Install & Config Internet sharing

                                    ● Install & Config Anti Virus Server / Client

Coding programs base on DOS or Windows.

Maintain PABX System

                                    ● Purchase components for Build/Repair Computer

                                    ● Solve any problem of Computer.

                                    ● Barcode System, 3of9, UPC, EAN13, 128

                                    ● Remote System for control other computer

                                    ● Build Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) From Word, Excel or any Software

● Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)

● Microsoft Project                              

● Friendly And familiarly

                                    ● Able to Work hard under pressure

                                    ●And I need work!


Training Term:        RPG On IBM -AS400

Install & Config Oracle On Windows 2000 Server

Install & Config Oracle On Linux Server

Config & Maintain PABX Siemens Hipath 4000

Business Safety ( จ.ป.ระดับหัวหน้างาน)


Language:               Good Command in English.


Other:                        Car Driving License




































Employer:                    Mammoet (Thailand) Ltd.

                                    Mammoet Lao co., Ltd.

Location:                      Ban Chang, Rayong, Thailand

                                                Laemchabang, Chonburee, Thailand

                                                Savannakhet. Laos

            Description:                 Worldwide specialists in heavy lifting and transport

Position:                      IT Manager

            Responsibilities:          Responsible for the overall management of the applications used throughout the organization,

                                        together with the provision of the necessary support. Mammoet's ICT policy and strategy

                                        ensure for the optimum and efficient use of applications in the archievement of the concern's targets.

                                    Provides for the technical and functional management of all Mammoet applications.

                                    To choose the hardware and software base on the needs of user and economization required.

                                    To maintain the network system and to records and the backup of all data .

                                    To improve quality and performance of network system.

                                    To support user at office, branch office.

                                    To maintain the printer and copy machine system.

                                    To train all user about the using of computer to improve the knowledge.

                                    To report to the Project & Engineering Manager of all progress and troubles encountered.

                                    Keep update the records of all configurations of the network, including the management of all user access.

                                    Maintain up to date the operation planning in the engineering department.

                                    To keep Project Manager and himself informed about all changes.

                                    To maintain, improve and update all company presentation means.




Employer:                    Brunei Construction/Srikanokporn Construction Ltd. jv.

Project:                        Mentiri Housing

                                    Source Improvement works for brunei / Muara /

                                           Tutong Water Supply ULU TUTONG DAM

Location:                      Negara Brunei Darussalam

            Description:                 Housing



                                                Water Supply

Position:                      IT Manager , Database Administrator, Q.S. and Procurement

            Responsibilities:          Install, Config and Maintain Network

                                                Install, Config and Maintain WINDOWS 2003 SERVER

                                                Install, Config and Maintain Personal Computer (OS & Software)

                                                Design & Development  PR system

                                                Design & Development  PO system

                                                Design & Development  HR system

                                                Maintain Virus Auto Protects Server

                                                Maintain Web Server

                                                Maintain Hardware

                                                Training User

                                                Design & Development  PAYMENT CLAIM system

                                                Issue monthly PAYMENT CLAIM

                                                Issue monthly Subcontract Claim

                                                Searching Suppliers for master Material on Specification




Employer:                    Airdispatch Co.,Ltd.

Location:                      Donmuang Bangkok, Thailand

            Description:                 Import, Export



                                                Where Housing

Position:                      Senior Programmer

            Responsibilities:          Install, Config and Maintain Databases Microsoft SQL Server 2000

                                                Design & Development Export System

                                                Maintain Netware5 Server

                                                Maintain Virus Auto Protects Server

                                                Maintain Web Server

                                                Maintain Outlook 2000 Server

                                                Maintain Hardware

                                                Maintain LAN System

                                                Training User

                                                Install/ Maintain CCTV System

                                                Install/ Maintain Alarm System

                                                Install/ Maintain GPRS System




Employer:                    Summit Auto Seats  Co.,Ltd.

Location:                      ● km10 Bangna-Trad  Bangpree  Samutprakan, Thailand

            Description:                 Products in automotive

                                                Products in auto part

Position:                      SAP System Development

            Responsibilities:          Install, Config and Maintain Databases

                                                        - Microsoft SQL Server 2000

                                                Support System

                                                        - Payroll System

                                                        - Time Attendance System

                                                        - Welfare System

                                                        - Training System

                                                Development Inventory System For Pre-SAP System

                                                        - Design

                                                        - Coding

                                                        - Converting data from old system

                                                        - Training

                                                        - Display Office Supply Stock on webpage

                                                Development PO System

                                                        - Design

                                                        - Coding

                                                Clearing & Prepare Data BOM (Build Of Material) for SAP System

                                                Maintain PABX System




Employer:                    Computer Science  Co.,Ltd.

            Location:                      Software Park Building   Changwattana Rd. Pakket  Nonthaburi Thailand

            Description:                 Software House

                                                   (Human Resource Programs, Brand name is PISWIN & MyHR)

Position:                      System Consult

            Responsibilities:          ● Install & Config Databases

                                                        - Microsoft SQL Server 7 , 2000

                                                        - Oracle 8, 9

                                                ● Install & Config PISWIN Software

                                                ● Convert Old System Data To PISWIN Software

                                                ● Testing Payment All System with Subcontract

                                                ● Training User

                                                ● Solve The Problem From Customer (On Site  Or  Remote to fix problem)

                                                More than 200 Customers Such as ITV, Nippon Paint, D-Computer, KLM Insurance,

                                                Abbeycrest ,  LEO Transport , Kyokuyo , Mitsubishi Chemical, Apex Securities,

                                                Thai Auto Summit, Sony Logistic etc.




          Employer:                    Sriratch Tepratan  Co.,Ltd.

            Location:                      Chonburee,Rayong Thailand

            Description:                 Department Store

                                                Tour Bus (Bkk-Chonburee)

                                    Condo Apartment and Hotel

                                    ● Computer Department

Position:                      Visual FoxPro Developer & Asst. Manager of IT Department

            Responsibilities:          Develop software for all business such as

                                                  - Booking Ticket Cinema & Tour Bus

                                                      - Point OF Sale (POS)  

                                         - Sale Analysis

                                                      - Inventory Control (IC)

                                                ● Maintain Hardware 

                                                      - Purchase new computer

                                                      - Fix any computer / user problem

                                                Maintain Server

                                                      - Netware 3.12

                                                      - Windows NT Server

                                                ● Network

                                                      - Modify Office’s network and Change Coaxial (10 Base T) to UTP (10/100)

                                                        with RJ45 Connecter.

                                                      - Network Admin For Config Cisco Router

                                                        Connect Between Other Branch (8 Locations)

                                                ● Etc.  Such as Maintain PABX System , Electric system



Mammoet provides customer driven and tailor made solutions in heavy lifting and transport. Activities focus on the petrochemical industry, civil projects, power plant facilities, offshore business and marine projects. Knowledge, experience, state-of-the-art equipment in combination with high quality and safety standards evolved Mammoet to a market leader that sets trends and records around the world. Our employees are considered as our main asset; both standard and one-of-a kind projects are handled with dedication and passion of all concerned.


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