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We are an exporter and wholesaler of various famous Thai products directly from Thailand. Our low minimum order quantity (MOQ) can provide flexibility for even small businesses. We welcome regional wholesalers / distributors to join part of our sales forces. We offer competitive prices to ensure you an attractive profit. Interested parties please contact us at or
100% Thai or Chinese Silk Bedding

100% hand-woven Thai Silk Cushion Covers
Thai Fisherman's Pants, leisure pants & Yoga pants
Muay Thai/Boxing Shorts
Animial Skin Pattern Bedding / Japanese Style Bedding / Thai Elephant Pattern Bedding / Chinese Silk Bedding / Thai Silk Cushion Covers /
Candle Holder Sets / Table Trays / Ohter Thai Products / Crocs Style Casual Clogs

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Eva Clogs & Sandals
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Thai Ethnic Clothing & sarongs
Traditional Thai cushions, pillows & mats
Trendy and classy Thai silk, cotton, hemp & embroidered handbags