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Mummy Jen
I have had many boyfriends who like to be treated as little boys. So, I have decided to start Bangkok's first service to look after these little boys.
I have much experience in all of their needs and have a full set of eqipment including big boy pampers and all the little things you need to look after them.

You can email or message me at if you want to come visit me for a days or the week, if I am not online then just send me an email to make a time.

What you can expect if you come to stay with me.

I have a small apartment in downtown Bangkok. It has two bedrooms and a small living area and kitchen, all rooms have aircon. One of them has been set up as your nursery.

It has a single bed and a changing table. It also has a diaper bucket for wet and messy changes. I have a wide selection of the clothes that you will wear while you are with me. They include a wide selection of:-disposable diapers - plastic panties - tshirts - onesies - sleepers - dungaress with snap crotches - shorts with snap crotches - bibs

Some of there have come to me by mail and some I have had make hear my a friend who is good at making these kinds of clothes. If you want we can get things make for you while you are here. She comes to my apartment and does measurements and listens to what you want.

While you are with me you will have to wear these clothes all the time. You will not be allowed to change your mind once you get here. If you do then you can not stay at my home and I do not do out calls to hotels.

I like to go out shopping and will be happy to go to the tourist sites with you. You donít need to worry too much. One of the dungaress I have has small snaps that are hard to see and nobody will notice them unless they look very closely.

Anyway, you need to have the snaps because it in the past I have tried changing diapers on the back seat of my car when we are out and it is very difficult for me without snaps.

You have to remember that this is a hot weather here and some friends have had bad rashes by going out and having wet diapers for a while when we have been going to see the tourist sites.

When you get here I will pick you up from the airport. You donít need to be wearing any of your diapers when you arrive but if you are that is ok with me. Anyway, some friends have turned back to babies very quickly when they are with me and wet my seat so now I but everyone into diapers on the back seat of my car then they arrive at the car park in the airport. You donít need to worry about someone seeing you because I am very fast and the car park is dark.

It takes about 30 minutes to get to my apartment and when you get there I usually have a talk with my friends and get to know them. This usually takes a while and so once we have had a baby bath and a change we go out for dinner.

I like to go out with my friends a lot when they are staying because it gets a bit boring if we just stay home all the time. I know lot of good restaraunts and bars and the good places to go shopping in the markets where you can buy many good deals. I can help translate for you and help you get a good price.

Some babies like to see the toy shops and get things to occupy you when I am busy at home.

I like to go out to see the tourist sites also because it is fun to go and do things.

When we get home I usually play for a while with my friends and make sure that they will have a good sleep. At night I usually put two diapers on when you are on the changing table because I have found that sometimes the diapers leek.

That is generally the things we will do together.

You should also remember that while you are with me I am your mummy and not your girlfriend so we sleep in separate rooms. I do not have sex with my babies at all. From my experience I have found that my babies do get very excited so much that it almost makes them cry. So to get around this I have made some compromises and I allow suckling before bed or when we doing things like watching TV. I also rub babies diapers when we are out and about like in the car and on the changing table to help get over the excitement.

If you are not sure if I do some of the things you like then you only need to ask and I will tell you.

I charge USD 100 per day. I generally like to have a baby for more than 2 days and there is no limit how long you can stay. However you do need to book in advance by one month because I am busy and I do not want to disappoint anyone.

You also need to remember that if we go out for dinner, go for some drinks, or go to see the floating market or something like that then you will be expected to cover the expenses for this.

For things like the floating market this is a whole day trip there and back and so is quite a long drive. When we go on day trips like this I will bring along my diaper bag that has fresh diapers and a change of clothes just in case we have a little leaky diapers. We always take my car for this because otherwise there is no place for change.

Some of my babies have not told me when they are wet or messy and it is difficult when we are out and about for me to check diapers so you need to tell me of they are otherwise it causes leaks on my dungarees. Thatís why I always have a spare pair and a t-shirt in the car just in case there is a misunderstanding.

In my bag I also have pampers wipes, 2-3 juice bottles because it is very hot, and dummy just in case you are tired and need a sleep on the way home.

When we get home after a long day like that we usually have a bath and a change and then have dinner at home.

The supermarkets have modern baby food and I also make good Thai food. I will feed you whatever you want. I usually take my babies to the supermarket when they get here so we can get all the things they want.

After dinner on a long day we usually have a cuddle and a suckle when we watch tv then go to sleep. You diapers will be changed before bed because as I said before I like to put on an extra diaper before bed.
Thai female age 28
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