Chai'sGuitar Instrumental Albums

 Audio Samples

Track sample in .rm format                                                                Track sample in .mp3 format

1    5 To 9             422kb                                                        1   5 To 9           614kb

2    Do  You Know      600kb                                                2   Do You Know   870kb

3    Let Me Dream    344kb                                                     3  Let Me Dream    793kb

4    Warm It Up        544kb                                                     4  Warm It Up           765kb

These tracks were taken from the Box set CDs release of Chai's guitar instrumental albums entitled "Time Out"
The following tracks were inspired by the sounds of Hank Marvin's, The Ventures and Duane Eddy.
 In Real Audio:

1  Still Have You                662kb

2  Love You Most              602kb

3  Thai Twang                    336kb

4  Cuts Too Deep               418kb

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Please note: All of the above selections are copyrighted.
Any reproduction of these songs is prohibited by copyright Law.
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