The Shadowmania 2000

At the Lakeside Resort in Frimley Green, Surrey, England.

On May 22nd, 2000.  I've made a trip of a life time to The United Kingdom.  Although I have been to England several times before, this is a completely unique trip for me.
Got to London at the height of the tourist seasons.  Accommodations were difficult and the prizes were quite high.

Got to Frimley Green on Friday just in time for the Friends and Fans of The Shadows Social Evening Event, where I met up with a lot of guys in which I have been in contact with on the Shadows music community on the Internet. This a chance for us to meet in the flesh.  And it was sure well worth travel hundreds of miles for.  Everyone were so courteous and so very happy to meet each other.  David Martin the man who started the Shadows community on the MSN net work were there to greet everyone.  All the members of the community had our badge on so we can tell who's who.

Roy and Kathy Cresswell were the best of host on that evening. They were food and drinks for everyone.  The P.A. and instruments amp (Vox, Fender, etc. ) were set up for the guests.  The fiesta red Strats were everywhere to be seen along with the Burns.  We were all taking our turns on stage and play some of our favorite Shad's tunes.  We were each allowed 3 songs to play, but we all felt that we could have played all night, I for one would have to loved to play more than just the 3 songs, but that would have taken up the whole weekend by the time everyone gets thru.
The Entertainment for the evening came from all over the world, they were 2 from Asia, me being one and the other was from Japan. They were guys who came as far as Canada, Barcelona, the EC and the USA. And everyone played wonderfully.
Then Bruce Welch, Jet Harris, Brian Locking, Alan Jones, Bob Watkins, Barry Gibson, came and started to mingled with all of us, they were many flash bulbs going off, and lots of hand shaking and autograph signing from our heroes.  They were very warm and friendly and so patient with all of us.  It was an absolutely glorious night to have met these very charming gentleman.

With Bruce Welch
With Gentle Jet Harris
With Alan Jones

With Brian "Licorice" Lockling

With Martin, Maurice, me and Maurice;s Burns
David Martin and Hoss, a very keen bass player from The netherland.
Aiyoshi from Japan, Hoss and I

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