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“I Want You” at the Top all over the World!
*Greece: Her english album "Thalia" is # 5 on the Top 50 Foreign Albums chart.
*Hungary: The video “I Want You” is in the # 4 spot on Viva Chart Show, the Hungarian Top 40 on VIVA TV, the most important music network in the country.
*Israel: “I Want You” is # 4 o the MTV chart.
*Japan: Without ever visiting this country, Thalia's new album sold more than 20,000 copies during release week. It has reached the # 5 spot in sales in Japan. In addition, her single “I Want You” is in the # 2 position on the Japanese popularity chart.
*Central and South America: “I Want You” and “Me Pones Sexy” are occupying top spots on the charts.
*Brazil: “I Want You” is # 2 on the Hot 100 Brasil Chart, up from # 7, in the ninth week on the chart.

Thalía Rocks At Latin Grammys!
Thalia’s performance at the Latin Grammys last night was definitely one of the highlights of the evening!!!
Her amazing vocal performance along with the powerful feeling she transmitted with her song “A Quien le Importa” caught the attention of all of those present in the auditorium and those watching all the way from home. Of all the times we have seen Thalía perform, this is one of the most striking in terms of her overall entrega to the audience. She certainly surprised those who doubted her great vocal talent.Thalía, as triumphant as always, did not take home the Latin Grammy, but was able to bring home the satisfaction of making the whole auditorium go completely head over heels with her music. More than anything else, she won one of the best prizes an artist could hope to receive, the love of her audience and her devoted fans!!!
Congratulations Thalía, you will always be our winner!!!


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