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This site is dedicated to Tolkien's works- and main work that's recognized- Lord of the Rings. It's not focused on one character- but all of them! EnJoY!!
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Today is HOBBIT DAY! Both Frodo and Bilbo were born today! So- go kiss a hobbit!
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: Happy Birthday Ian Holm! Bilbo would not be the same without him. :)
Wednesday, August 25
: Coming Soon online has just posted the OFFICIAL release date of RotK EE: December 14. See the article here.
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: Sean Astin's (I LOVE him) is coming out in October. The book is called "There and Back Again, An Actor's Tale". I am terribly excited to read it, I am a huge fan of his. You can find info on book signings here.
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: I am SERIOUSLY considering starting up a costuming part of the site. I've always been interested in research, and thought to add some of it here. So, be on the look out for that in the next couple of weeks.
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An alliance of men of Gondor and Rohan which marched to the Gates of Mordor to distract Sauron's forces from the ringbearer, Frodo and Sam.
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What was Sam Gamgee's most famous daughter named?

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