About the org

Thames Junior Marketing Association referred hereafter as TJMA, is a non-stock, non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political marketing oriented student-based organization. Established by the students of Thames International Business School on year 2000 and is currently located on Thames Building, Eastwood City. TJMA is also a member of Federation of Junior Marketing Association (FJMA), an affiliate of Philippine Marketing Association, Inc. (PMA). TJMA envisions being the country's premier student organization that produces socially responsible, marketing oriented business leaders with global outlook. In order to accomplish this, TJMA provides opportunities for holistic, real life business and marketing experience with utmost exposure. Furthermore, TJMA gather individuals with potential to lead so as to develop and empower this individuals while instilling them the ideals and core values that TJMA upholds. TJMA is also committed to maintain relations with this individuals through orientations, seminars, workshops, educational trips and other social events not just aimed at uniting the org members but as to learn from this projects, simulations and valuable experiences so as they will develop as a whole person with their peers and to become an ethical businessperson at the end. TJMA upholds its core values that shape its members and the org itself: honor, integrity, solidarity, commitment, patriotism, and trust.
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