Hi and hello everybody. I'm Thamizhvaanan ( wud like to call myself Thamizh). I am currently studying roaming in Anna University. According to my id card i'm doing my third year B.E in Mechanical Engineering . I live in Chennai,India.


If you really don't know who I am, well folk, you gotta get out of your cocoon and learn about some gooder (contributing to english vocabulary!!!) things and important persons in this world. If you do know me (of course, as a wonderful bloke as i always am) you will get to see the other side of me in this site. You will get to know 'The Person inside Me'.


Now what is this site all about? well you have a whole range of links to check out to get your answer. If you are still pondering why this site has been created please refer to the FAQ section(You know how to pronounce that, don't you mate?).

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