Hey, so my name is Nate Weiss and this is my little home page.

My latest book is called Flash MX 2004 for Server Geeks, which you can buy at or your local bookstore. Please visit for details.

A lot of the stuff here pertains to ColdFusion, Macromedia's web application server technology. I've been using it for a long time, helped write a number of books about it, and just continue to be a general enthusiast. I'm happy to answer questions about CF, or about the books. I'm also into Java, XML, XSLT, Flash, Delphi, C++, and related technologies such as FOP, Remoting, scripting, XPath, and so on. I am often able to help people solve specific problems on a consultative basis.

If pressed, I'm probably capable of discussing other stuff too, even topics that don't have anything to do with web development (gosh!). Feel free to shoot me an email at



What's Here

ColdFusion Books

New Edition of CFWACK!
Ben, Leon, Angela and I worked really hard to make The ColdFusion MX Web Application Contruction Kit the best edition ever. We brought back the printed language reference, clarified some of the examples, and of course added coverage of the new features in CFMX.
New Edition of Advanced Book! 
This edition of Advanced ColdFusion MX Application Development has lots of new material for CF developers that have gotten past the basics, but haven't quite mastered everything CFML has to offer. There's lots of information about security, configuration, CFCs, and different ways of adding your own extensions to the product.
Chinese Language Edition of CFWACK!
Imagine my delight and surprise when I found that the ColdFusion 5 Web Application Construction Kit had been translated into Chinese! It's really quite a thrill to look through the book. More information is available at
Previous Editions
I contributed to the second, third, and fourth editions of CFWACK, and to the first and second editions of the advanced book. In general, you should get the new MX editions instead of one of these, unless you're such a big fan that you just have to have the complete collection....
These books were all written with the one and only Ben Forta, one of the cooler dudes around.
Training from the Source
I helped update Kevin Schmidt's Macromedia ColdFusion MX: Training from the Source, a lesson-based, entry-level book that helps you get started with CFMX in a series of simple step-by-step exercises.

Articles and Presentations

Macromedia Conferences
I spoke at Macromedia DevCon in October of 2002. The topic was "Advanced XML: XPath, XSLT, and Beyond." If you attended that session and would like to look at the PowerPoint presentation and the code examples, you can download it all as a zip file here. If you're interested in the PDF-generating aspect of the presentation, instructions for installing the necessary libraries is here.

In 2001, my presentation was about the <CFLOCK> tag; if you are using ColdFusion 5 or earlier and would like to look at the presentation, you can get it here. At previous conferences, I gave presentations on WDDX and JavaScript techniques.
I recently did an article for Macromedia's Designer and Developer Center, entitled "XML Features in ColdFusion MX". If you like this article, please feel free to suggest additional topics that you'd like to see covered there.
CFUG Meetings
I've spoken at several ColdFusion User Group meetings in the past. Most recently, I was at the December, 2002 meeting of the NYCFUG. In general, I'm a cheap and easy date, so if you'd like me to give some sort of presentation at a group meeting, just make a reasonable offer (hint: plane fare).

Web Projects

Although there hasn't been much new development lately (mainly because it already does what it's supposed to), WDDX is still really useful. Find out about it in your ColdFusion docs or at
Visual VTM
This is a project that I started quite some time ago and never had the time to finish completely. It's a near-WYSIWYG editor for creating wizards and dialog boxes for products in the HomeSite product line (including ColdFusion Studio, JRun Studio, and HomeSite+). Download it here.

ColdFusion Code

From time to time, I'll be posting code here for free download. It's usually related to ColdFusion. Most of this stuff is also available at Macromedia's Developer Exchange. It's sometimes easier for me to keep things up to date here, though, so if you're having a problem, try using these versions if you're not already.

An updated version of this tag is available for free download here.
Updated version (September, 2002) is available here. Thanks to Ken Kayser for bugfix testing/reporting.
Most recent version available here.

Extra files from Nov, 2003 CFMX Training Class - download - please see readme.htm within for info.