ˇ§How you doinˇ¦?ˇ¨
**Marc, to me, when I asked for a picture with him.  Guess he thought he was from Brooklyn.**

ˇ§I love your shirtˇKˇ¨
**Marc, when I caught him eyeing my crappy homemade Natural shirt.  Now, Iˇ¦m a 36D, so was he really looking at my shirt?  Somehow, I doubt it.**

ˇ§All right, already!  I hear you!  Relax, babe, thereˇ¦s enough Michael to go around!ˇ¨
**Michael, whenˇXin a panicˇXI yelled his name about eight times just to say ˇĄHiˇ¦!  (He was laughing as he said it.)**

ˇ§What did you just say?ˇ¨
**J, when I screamed out ˇ§I love you, J!ˇ¨ in between songs.  I blushed and he flashed a gorgeous smile at me!  ˇKsighˇK**

ˇ§Oh, no, itˇ¦s Psycho Girl!ˇ¨
**Michael as he walked past me to get to the autograph table.**

ˇ§Thatˇ¦s okay, I was flattered.  A pretty girl says she loves me!ˇ¨
**J, at the autograph table.  I apologized for ˇ§embarrassingˇ¨ himˇKhow dumb was that?**

ˇ§Donˇ¦t feel badˇXyou can tell someone you love them even if you donˇ¦t really.  It makes them feel good.ˇ¨
**Patrick to me after I apologized to J.  Heˇ¦s so sweet!**

Thanks  Cailin for theses qoutes!!!
"I have one! I stole this from someone, I have no idea who..." ~ Marc was talking
about the marker he used to sign my magazine

"It's all waxy..." ~ Michael about his hair whan I asked him if I could touch it

"Happy birthday, Ashley! We Miss you!!!" ~ Marc. He forgot that I was standing righ
t there as he said happy birthday...

"Wait a minute...NYPD are pretty rough I hear..." ~ Michael. He wasn't convinced that he wouldn't
go to jail for saying that. He said something else after that, but I don't think you'd be able
to post what he said
"Oh my gosh, your getting old now!" ~J
I like this one a lot...I can't believe that I forgot to send it b4! LoL. He said this when he found out that I was 15. I have more,too.

"Here I'll hold you steady..." ~ Marc to me after he found out I was shaking. I was nervous for some reason and he put his hand around my wrist to hold me steady.

"Am I gonna go to jail for saying that?" ~ Michael to me. He was saying 'happy birthday' to the camera for me. Then when J was saying it, Michael  said something naughty...then I told him that I was only 15. So he thought he was gonna go to jail for saying it.

"The sun....the sun is so bright..." ~ J He just decided to inform the camera that the sun was in his eyes...

"You're gonna get a super tan!" ~ Marc

"Wait! i'm saying it to the camera!!" ~ Patrick when my sister asked him to say 'happy birthday' and I went 'it's me!'
Thank you Ashley, DavidsAngel216@aol.com for these!!!