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Posted 3/8/2001 by Johnny Valentine (The Man)
Well yesterday was the first day in which the sharks were allowed to feed on free agents and i'll tell ya what. Some of these owners have way more money than I made in 27 years as a Vegas Handicapper.. What I am going to give you guys is a simi-sweet, simi-comprehensive look at what exact went down yesterday. To give you an idea of what I am talking 'bout. I don't know of you guys realize this but Glenn Cadrez is now the SECOND HIGHEST PAID LINEBACKER IN THE TLFL at 5.2 Mil per. Crazy huh. I mean there are rooks that are way better that this guy. But this is the MADDDDDDNESSSSSS of free agency. As a matter a fact Cadrez and tackle Bob Whitfield are now 9th and 11th highest paid players in all the TLFL. Higher that Big Willie Roaf and Ray Lewis for that matter. Click HERE to see where my top 5 players per position went and at what cost. .


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  TLFL H A R D C O R E Open for business
Posted 3/6/2001 by Johnny Valentine (The Man)
Its a great day my friends as I bring to you one of the most exciting places on the face of the earth. TLFL H A R D C O R E is your one stop spot for sports, attitude and just an overall views of the TLFL. What I am trying to bring to you fans is a place where stats are kinda important, but what a franchise does on the whole is what gets looked at the most. I will bring you team reviews, post game analysis, polls and most importantly, management decisions and trade analysis. We are trying to do something different here and I think you will like the end result. So sit back and watch as this baby gets cooking.
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