Huskies Coaching Staff



QB Coach - Fran Tarkenton
RB Coach - Roger Craig 
WR Coach - Charlie Joiner 
OL Coach - Jackie Slater 
TE Coach - Kellen Winslow 
DL Coach - Merlin Olson
LB Coach - Nick Buoniconti
DB Coach - Mel Renfro

Offensive Coordinator - Len Dawson
Defensive Coordinator - Alan Page
Special Teams Coach - Jan Stenerud



QB Donovan McNabb

3,604 Yards
22 Touch Downs
90.3 QB Rating



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"Big John Stud"

Ottawa <AP>
After the last pick was made, the fans in Ottawa were ecstatic about what the Huskies were able to pull of with the thirteenth pick in the 1st round of the draft. "It wasn't a Moscow type draft, but to get DT John Henderson was special, specially at number 13", explained Hall of Fame Head Coach Deacon Jones. And this is true, some draft rating services, had Henderson rated as high as the third best player available in the draft. The Huskies gambled and it paid off big-time. Henderson joins a bulked up defensive line that with showcase DE Courtney Brown and free agent acquisition DE Cedric Jones at the ends. There will be a battle for the #2 DT in the Huskies 4-3 scheme with Rookie DT John Henderson at one tackle and probably DT John Hilliard at the other. "Big John Stud will being a lot to this defense, but don't forget about Charles Grant, who was taken in the 2nd round, he's going to be good", explained Jones.



Enter LB Nate Webster

Restricted free agent linebacker Nate Webster on yesterday, signed with the Ottawa Huskies. The move fills the void left by the trading of LB Dat Nguyen at the start of last season. Webster is not a tall linebacker, 5"11, but he is a speed linebacker with excellent hands. Ottawa also took care of some housekeep chores by resigning restricted free agents DT John Hilliard, S Jermaine Derricott, WR Reggie Germany, QB Jesse Palmer, RB Cedric Washington, RB DeAngelo Evans, and DE Derrick Ham.


Potential Pro-Bowlers


ROOKIE Lucas, Ken CB 3 INT's - The Rookie Cornerback out of Mississippi is the #5 in the WFFL in Interceptions and ranked #3 among WFFL Corners in Interceptions. The Rookie got the Call to start when starting cornerback Jacoby Shepherd went down with a major knee injury at the start of the season. Lucas should be a shoo-in to make the all rookie team, and possible Pro-bowl selection at Corner.
Daniels, Phillip DE 13 Sacks - Daniels, better know as the other bookend, played well enough on defense to get voted as one of the Captain for the 2001 season. Daniels lead the Huskies in sacks with 13 and was equally impressive as a run stopper with 21 tackles. Daniels, who sacks often, came at times when the team needed a major stop. The 5th year veteran really worked hard in the off season and says he owes his sack totals to his new coach Deacon Jones. "I'm learning from one of the best with Coach "Deek" and Coach Olson", said Daniels. Daniels led the team in sacks last week against Edmonton with 3.
Christie, Steve K 16/18 88.9 long 51 yards - Christie was a waiver wire claim after the Huskies fell out with then starter Owen Poachman. All Christie has done is become the #1 rated kicker in the league accuracy wise. The 11 year veteran  has been all but perfect hitting on 88.9% of his kicks this season also hitting on a season long 51 yarder against Edmonton last week.



Huskies born from Alligators!!!!

Dilbert, Staff Writier

The contest is over and Owner Thomas Harris unveiled the  new look and new name for his Ottawa Franchise. "It was pretty much a unanimous vote in regards to the new nickname of this franchise, Huskies sounds pretty good doesn't it", stated Harris. The news of the new team colors and name came Monday morning

after a stunning Huskies victory against a very tuff and determined Auckland team. The victory was the teams 4th in a row and was done once again on road. This was just such good new, and hard to keep at bay, explained Head Coach Deacon Jones. The Huskies are going to be very competitive, and now they are going to look good doing it.


Helmet 63, 63, 37
Jersey 63,63,37
J. Stripe 21,0,35
Pants 63,63,37
Stripe 0,0,0
S. Stripe 21,0,35
Number Colors 21,0,35


 Helmet 63, 63, 37
Jersey 21,0,35
J. Stripe 63,63,37
Pants 63,63,37
Stripe 0,0,0
S. Stripe 21,0,35
Number Colors 63,63,37

Len Dawson philosophy is simple mathematics.

Dilbert, Staff Writer

Huskies Offensive Cordinator Len Dawson is a Hall-of-Fame Quarterback, and its safe to say he knows how to be a successful quarterback in the WFFL. When Shaun Alexander went down, he realized that he must get the offense to moving the ball down the field, this was done by a series of special practices and one-to-one talks with his Quarterback Donovan McNabb. You see, the relationship between McNabb and Dawson was already a good one based on the coaches intellict and the players skills. Now they are a 1-2 tandam that has taken the WFFL by storm. "If I had "Mac Daddy's" arm and legs when i was playing, there is no telling what records I could have broken", stated Dawson. Some look at the turning around of the Ottawa Offense as being when Shaun Alexander went down for the 2nd time this season with a major leg injury, but it wasn't. The acquisition of Wide-outs James Thrash and Marty Booker were the missing links to an offense that was struggling to find its identity. "James and Marty have alowed me to see a lot more man-to-man coverages, that has alowed the entire offense to open up", explained Speedster Wide-out Eric Moulds. "The equation is simple, 3 Good Wideouts and one smart QB, equals points ont he board and fans in the stands", explained Dawson. "I'm just glad that DEACON has alowed me the oportunity to open up the offense."

"Mac Daddy's" arm wins 4th straight, Huskies in the Playoff Hunt

Dilbert, Staff Writer

The Offense has done its job and has done it well in the last 4 weeks. As we have seen in other sports, when a perceived star is sidelined, the other players get into it, step it up, and victories are gained as the result of it. Week 14 of the WFFL was just another example of how this theory works. Donovan McNabb, once again stood up to the challenge and lead the Ottawa Huskies to its 4th victory in a row. In a game for the ages, two of the "young guns" put there arms on display McNabb and Akili Smith dueled in what has to be considered one of the greatest games in recent history. McNabb used laser sighting as he connected on 73% of his passes for 383 yards and 2 TD's. "For the first time in a log time I think we believe in what this team can do, WE ARE IN THE PLAYOFF HUNT!!!!!, explained Moulds who caught 8 of McNabb's 27 completions for 106 yards. "He was firing it in there so hard".

But once again the defense was really led by no one, as they gave up a record 5 TD's to Quarterback Akili Smith. "I just don't know what to do, we have been playing very disciplined defense, maybe to disciplined, explained Head Coach Deacon Jones. "We have to figure out a way to bend, but not break so easily" The Defense also allowed Curtis Enis to scramble for 141 yards on just  21 carries. "My boys gave it there all and left everything on the field", explained Defensive Coordinator Alan Page. We just have to find a way to play more consistently. The Huskies defense is not the most talented defense in the WFFL, in fact some consider the Huskies one of the worst overall teams in the WFFL. "Yeah rankings and pro-bowls are for you media guys, me and my staff and my team could care less what you think about of in regards to rankings, just look at our HEART and you will believe also!", explained Deacon Jones.