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"We have to hammer them early"

Dilbert, Staff Writer

This week the Titans take on a struggling San Diego Chargers team. The thing about teams like this is that they are usually that destroy teams like the Titans. Something about that David and Goliath thing. The Chargers roster are full of good players, they just have not found there niche yet, and with the Titans coming off a bye week, they may not be able to hold them off. The chargers are lead running back Jerome Bettis. The Bus has not been Bus of old, but as stated before, this is just the type of game the Chargers could use jump start their season.

The Titans on the other hand will look to put this team out early and keep em down. The Titans have the #1 Ranked defense and hope to keep that status after this week. The best game plan for the Titans this week would be to attack the Corners early and do there best to score as man as possible. "I don't want this Chargers team to get ANY confidence", said Parcells. "We have to hammer them early and stay on our game plan all game long. I am not really a big fan of bye's cause players will be players and some over enjoy the time off" The Titans do get a little healty this week, Running back Eddie George got some treatment and looks to be in good shape for the game. CB Ryan McNiel is still hurting and will be replaced by CB Denard Walker.


Week 2, No "D" in Defense!!!

Dilbert, Staff Writer

The Tennessee Titans once again took to the road and just like week one, they succeeded in getting a victory. The Titans bumbled there way to a 38-35 victory over a very good Kansas City Chiefs team. "Akili Smith performed at a level beyond that of quarterback", explained

 Parcells. "Games like this are to be learned from and we will be learning from this" The Titans were once again lead by an equally special performance by Steve McNair. "At times it seemed like I was the only player on the field, at least until I got hit!" explained McNair. "The addition of Crowell has already had a profound affect on the offensive. He is just so fast and so big." The Offense was able to keep the ball moving and that is what you have to do against a team like Kansas City" The Titans defense was lead somewhat by LB Gabe Northern. "Gabe was very active today, but we still have to find a way to get Kearse and Josh active on the DL" explain Parcells.   Next week the Titans face a scrappy and tenacious New Orleans Saints team lead by a tuff as nails Quarterback in Doug Flutie, and an equally impressive DT in Gerard Warren. Warren is big and fast and ging to be tuff to block", explained Kenyatta Walker who looks to be the one assigned to Warren. Priest Holmes will be responsible for carrying the load for the Saints. WR Willie Jackson and TE Cam Cleeland will be catching the pill from from Flutie and drawing some major attention from a defeated Titans Defense. "I'm not impressed in what Flutie and company has done so far the past 2 weeks, I am planning on working hard to make sure that Flutie works for every completions he gets, explained Kenny Holmes, who is second on the team in sacks.

The Crowell Effect!!!

So what does an offensive coordinator do when he gets a new toy to play with? The same as a child with new toy, you play with it and play with it and play with it. The addition of talented WR Germane Crowell has transformed a Tennessee Titan team that has historically been a running time in the past. This years edition has opened up things to the point that they have even looked to split RB Eddie George out and put him is pass patterns. "I know I have been a run first and ask questions type coach in the past, but I have found that Crowell is good, better than good, and he allows us to run some 3 WR formations to spread the field., explained Coach Parcells. There are not many WR's in the league that can do the things that Crowell does, thus there we have an advantage on a lot of offensive sets. At times It looks like the Titans look to pass first and run second, using the passing game to soften the run defense and then later exploit this. The Titans are throwing and not in a West Coast type of offense, but in an all out passing attack.