new content starts from paheli #24

paheli no. 1
sooraj zyaada door hai ya amreeka

paheli no.2
ek ganja(bald) aur ek baalon waala aadmi chess khel rahe hain, kaun jeetega

paheli no.3
what is this series and guess the next no. pair >1 - 6 , 2 - 9 , 3 - 18 , 4 - 29 , 5 - 71 ,6 - 74 , 7 - 74 .....>

paheli no.4
figure this out(whats this)
cycle cycle

paheli no.5
figure this out(whats this)
cycle cycle cycle

paheli no.6
figure this out(whats this)
cycle cycle cycle cycle

paheli no.7
who can laugh at a big man who is crying

paheli no.8
ek haathi ko autorickshaw mein kaise daalenge

paheli no.9
whats more difficult then putting an elephant into an autorickshaw

paheli no.10
whats the difference between FLY and a MOSQUITO

paheli no.11
name any 5 ferocious animals

paheli no.12
Ankur Singh(no pun intended,this is the author itself) has 3 daughters, the name of the eldest is RINku, what are the name of others

paheli no. 13
Aman Singh (for those who know us personally) has a blank sheet of paper but wants two of them. What does he do?

paheli no. 14
ek haathi talaab mein gir gaya, ab bahaar kaise aayegaa

paheli no. 15
if you lose your dog, why SHOULDN'T you place an ad in the newspaper

paheli no. 16
us ladki ka naam batayo jisne apne papa ko scooter se dhakka de diya

paheli no. 17
how to keep an idiot(no pun intended to any community) in suspense

paheli no. 18
whats the difference between yellow traffic light and green traffic light

paheli no. 19
whats the difference in falling from 10th floor and 1st floor

paheli no. 20
What happens when an elephant sits in front of you at the movie?

paheli no. 21
what is grey and weighs in tonnes

paheli no. 22
what is grey and not there

paheli no. 23
what did the peanut say to the elephant

paheli no. 24
aman singh has three sons, the name of the second is chotu,what are the names of the other two?

paheli no. 25
how do you kill a blue elephant?

paheli no. 26
how do you kill a red elephant?

paheli no. 27
how do you kill a green elephant

paheli no. 28
how do you kill a yellow elephant

paheli no. 29
an ISRO rocket doesn't get started despite the best efforts of our scientists, so ankur singh is called, he tries a couple of times but fails, finally he asks the rocket to be bent by 45 degrees and when the rocket is again set to vertical position it gets started,how?

paheli no. 30
how do you put saboo(of chacha chaudhary fame) in the fridge

paheli no. 31
how do you put two saboo's in the fridge

paheli no. 32
chacha chaudhary ko kaisa pata chala ki saboo fridge mein band hai

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