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 this is to announce the starting of thassa forum where we can have discussions on thassa, original or otherwise, you can start the discussion by posting a message on this site by mailing me , the thassa along with the senders name would be posted on the site and you can then post your responses

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rohit bansal

what rohit thinks of men:  (click to enlarge)

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what rohit thinks of internet:

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gurjit singh

q.  what has more legs than aman?
a.  a cow

q. meri coke teri coke se thandi kaise?
a. mine has got more ice!!!!!!!!!!!!


aditya babbar

why men need insurance?(click to enlarge)



the three most commonly used thassas by you know who ( the big daddy of thassas) become a millionaire , open a chalk factory maya hai

3.number laane bahut aasaan hain

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