“We are not to be held responsible for every expression of our respective Contributors. Our readers must try everything by the Word of God.” “Many things with which we may not wholly agree are inserted as being either suggestive or worthy of consideration” (statements appeared in Things to Come).




A. E. K. (A. E. Knoch)

13:7,20,29,41,54 (Papers On Baptism)

A. M.

9:32 (The Mother of Jesus, in Contributed Articles)

A. S. W.

8:66,79,90,101,114,126,139; 9:8,19 (Daniel’s Vision of the Four Imperial World Powers)

A. T.

21:103 (When Does “The Rapture” Take Place?)

A Brahmin Lady

3:71 (Poem, The Secret of His Presence)

A Reader

9:120 (Letter, vs. the criticisms of Dr. A. Berry)

Alves, M.

17:33 (The Messianic Jew, in Things New and Old)

Anderson, Robert (Sir, LL.D., K. C. B., Author of The Coming Prince, Assistant Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis...)

1:73,112,114,118 (R. A.), 120, 121, 160, 201, 214;

2:70,107,169 (The Lordship of Christ),200 (R. A.);

3:19, 46 (Poem, R. A.), 94 (R. A., twice), 113, 125; 4:78,87,125; 5:59 (Letter); 6:66 (on his book The Buddha of Christendom in Things New and Old); 89,101; 7:69 (Answer of R. A.),139 (Answer of A.); 8:32 (two Answers of A.); 10:79,104; 12:78; 13:143; 16:16; 19:129; 21:29

Andrews, S. J.

20:89 (The Coming Antichrist, from Christianity and Anti-Christianity in Their Final Conflict)


2:24,105 (Passover, Red Sea and Jordan); 3:64

Apostles Creed” (its forgery and additions)

10:168 (Answer in the Editor’s Table)

Avil, John (of Philadelphia)

2:26 (Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God)

B. P.

3:104 (Letter); 10:44 (in Contributed Articles)

B. W. E.

10:168 (Islam, the Way of Cain, in Editor’s Table)

Bacon, W. H.

21:41,57,79,88,100,115… (Against Spiritism)

Baldwin, E. J.,


2:166, 199, 210; 3:5, 17, 42, 53, 67, 80, 92 (Fresh Studies of Old Truths)

Bambus, W. (Indefatigable Zionist)

5:30 (“Palestinian Statistics”)

Banks, J. S. (Prof. Rev., of Headingley College, Leeds)

3:79 (Back to St. Paul, in Selected Gleanings)

Baron, David (Rev.)

4:16 (Israel’s Hope, A Bible Study on Psalm 130)

Baxter, Richard

3:31 (On the Second Advent, from his Works)

Baynes, W. C. (of Montreal)

2:211 (The Eden Dispensation)

Beddow, J. J. (Vicar of Drypool, Hull.)

7:91 (No Millennium Without Jesus); 9:91 (For Perilous Times, Provision) [Contributed Articles]

Bernanrd, Canon

3:114 (from his Bampton Lectures)

Birch, W. F. (Rev.)

4:9 (from “The Prospect from Pisgah”)

Bliss, F. J. (Dr., Arqueol.)

3:91 (from the Quarterly Statement), 115 (from the Christian Scotsman); 6:102 (“Menhirs in Palestine” in Things New and Old)

Bonar, Horatius (D. D.)

2:178 (from The Journal of Prophecy); 20:67

Book of Common Prayer

2:69 (“Complete the Number of Thine Elect and Hasten Thy Kingdom”)

Boston, Thomas

21:34 (What is Regeneration?)

Bowker, H. C. (M.A., Hallowell, Rd., Northwood, Middlesex, Last Editor of Things To Come)

15:136; 17:3,16,41,51,77,100,112,124,135; 18:5,17 (The Gospel of the Glory of Christ), 35; 20:123; 21:Preface (“Approved Unto God”)

Boys, Thomas (Rev., M.A.)

2:135 (from A Plain Exposition of the N.T.)

Brookes, James H. (Dr., Editor of The Truth)

3:68 (from The Truth); 20:17 (Christ and the Scriptures)

Brown, David (Rev. Ppal., D.D. of Aberdeen)

1:55, 117 (concerning his Post-Millennarian view)

Browne, C. Orde (Capt.)

3:104 (Letter, Answer to Objections)

Bullinger Clerk, Ethelbert William (Rev., D.D., Editor of Things To Come) [Here we provide just a sample of his Articles, as his work alone can fill a big full index]


2:31,42,46,64,75,88 (Poem, He Gives in Sleep),102,116,142,154; 3:2,14,27,39,50,75,112;




7:2, 6, 14, 16, 26, 29, 38, 41, 50, 53, 62, 65, 74, 77, 86, 90, 100, 112, 124, 134, 135;

8:4, 16, 27, 40, 51, 62, 74, 86, 99, 110, 123, 136;

9:4,16,27,41,49,51,61,63,77,81,87,99,102,103,111, 115, 121, 123, 135, 138;

10:4,9,14,17,19,27,30,39,51,54,61,63,75,76,87,90, 98,101,111,112\3,123,125,128,134,137,139,146, 149,157,158,160,161,163,169,170,172,174,176, 181,183,184,187,193,194,196,199,205,206,209, 210; 11:1,2,4,6,13,15,17,25,26,29,31,37,38,40,46, 50,55,63,65,69,74,75,79,85,89,92,94,97,99,103, 109,110,114,121,123,128,133,140; 19:128 (E. W. B., The Church and the World) etc., etc., etc.

Burgon, Dean

11:19 (Bible Study Method, Publ., Rev. Dr. Waller, Vicar of Little Coxwell, Faringdon, Berks.)

C. E. S.

2:187 (in Notes for Bible Study)

C. H. M.

2:89 (from Notes on Leviticus, Ch. 2)


3:116 (in Selected Gleanings)

Carr, William G. (of Rochester, N. Y.) [Contributor of several Notes for Bible Study]

1:28, 36 (from Spiritual Outlines), 44, 56 (Answer),76,135,156,187; 2:52,126,157,176; 5:16; 12:102,117 (from Vol. 1)

Carter, Mabel L. (Ashmead, Redhill, Surrey)

19:144 (Proposed Memorial)

Chamberlain, George A. B. (Rev., M.A., Hull., Vicar of Buttermere, Cumberland)

4:112; 6:92, 104, 117, 128, 140; 7:34, 57, 77 [those in italics in the section Bible Word Studies]; 20:104;

21:8,19,29,39,51,63,74,104,112,124,136 (The Restoration and Conversion of Israel)

Chislett, Joseph (East Street Chapel, Walworth)

20:7 (Thieves and Consenters With Them, Ps. 50:8)

Cicero (Greek Orator)

1:77 (from On the Nature of the Gods,B.3,Ch.16)

Clementine Vulgate” (added forgeries)

11:142 (a Note)

Coles, J. J. B. (Rev., M.A.)

19:124 (Order of Events in Unfulfilled Prophecy)

Crisp, T. (D. D., sometime Rector of Brinkworth, Wiltshire.  Died, 1642)

4:65 (from Christ Alone Exalted, in Selected Gleanings), 5:128

Crosby, Howard

20:94 (Preach the Word)

Cumming, Elder (Rev. Dr., of Glasgow)

1:5, 108, 174 (from Expository Times); 12:79

D’Avigdor, Sylvie (Daughter of E. H. D’Av.)

1:19 (Poem, from Palestina, of Chovevi Zion)

Daily Paper

4:36 (in Signs of the Times)


5:7 (from Darby’s Synopsis, in Selected Gleanings)


21:45, 68, 76, 92, 100, 117

Die Welt” (Official Organ of Zionism)

5:33 (“The Sacred Places” in Signs of the Times)

Dill, R.

1:174 (Letter, objects Dr. Brown’s Post-Millennial)

Douglas, Sholto D. C. (Rev., M.A.)

1:45, 137; 2:10; 8:42; 10:213; 12:127 (from Vol. 1)

Driver (Dr.)

5:9 (from International Critical Commentary)

E. O. A. N. D.

3:124, 135 (Dan. and Rev.); 4:2, 18 (Flying Roll and Ephah), 40, 54 (Peopling the Renewed Earth)

E. E. (Oakland, Cal.)

21:53, 67 (The Downfall of Apostate Christendom)

Easton, W. (from New Zealand)

3:88 (in Contributed Articles)

Edison, Thomas Alva (Inventor, U. S. A.)

8:39 (from: Suggestive Therapeutics, in “Science Falsely So-Called”)

Ellis, F. O. (Swampscott, Mass., U. S. A.)

19:41 (“These Three”, 1 Cor. 13:13)

Erdman, W. J. (D. D.)

1:196 (Queries from The Truth)

Expository Times

4:115 (in Selected Gleanings)

Fausset, Canon (Rev. D.D., of York)

1:42, 141; 2:78; 5:5, 64; 6:54 (O.T. Evidences)

Fairfield, Arthur Rowan

5:89, 101, 112, 126 (critic of C. A. L. Totten)

Field, Samuel

1:216 (Letter, Ezekiel 37-39)


4:57 (from Fountain of Life, in Selected Gleanings)

Forster, Edward W. (M.D., from Malvern Link, and Torquay)

4:24 (Letter), 51 (in Contributed Articles); 11:126 (Resurrection, in Contributed Articles); 12:15,30 (The Hidden Manna),110 (Risen With Christ); 17:58 (The Baghdad Railway, in Signs of the Times)

Fry, H. W.

16:29, 40 (Pentecost); 20:41 (Law and Grace: Distinguishing the Dispensations)

F. W. G.

18:125 (2 Tim. 1:15)

G. F. W.

4:30 (The Three Wells of Gen. 24)

G. J.

5:27 (in Contributed Articles); 6:43 (Letter, in Things New and Old)

G. S. C.

21:55 (Glimpses of the Great Apostle, Paul)

G. S. W.

1:233 (Letter, The Epistle of James)

G. W. H. (in collaboration with J. J. B. C.)

20:79 (“Riches” in Paul’s Epistles)

Gaebelein, Arno C. (Rev., Superintendent of the Hope of Israel Mission, of New York)

4:93 (from The Missionary Review, in Signs of the Times); 20:104 (Prophecy: History Written Beforehand, Dt. 28, from The Fundamentals)

Gaster, Moses (Dr.)

14:45, 58, 82, 107 (The Awakening of Palestine)

George, Thomas, (B.D., Rev., from the Christ Church Lodge, Bromley, Kent) [Contributed Our Monthly Bible Study]

3:91 (Watch!),104,116,127,141 (Christ is All)



Gooch, Fuller (Pastor)

1:68, 102; 2:123; 3:3 (Inspiration of Scriptures); 4:101, 113 (The Bible – Not Tradition, The Rule)

Gordon, A. J. (Dr., of Boston)

2:198; 3:7; 19:129 (The Coming of the Lord)

Graham, T. (Rev., Vicar of Southborough)

6:7, 17, 29 (The Mystery of Iniquity, 2 Thess. 2)

Gray, J. M. (Rev., D. D., Dean of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago)

21:32 (“Perilous Times”, at Hand, from Bibliotheca Sacra)

Griffith-Thomas, W. H. (Rev., M.A., Incumbent of Portman Chapel, W.)

6:9, 19, 32, 44 (from The Record), 56, 68 [all in the section Bible Word Studies]


8:131 (“The Dangers of Spiritualism”, in Signs of the Times)

H. C. B.

21:34 (Review of the Book: “In the Name: The Warrant of Prayer”, by Dr. J. W. Thirtle)

H. L. H.

2:14,33,51,83,95,132,147,159,189,196 (The First Principles of Prophetic Study); 6:18

H. L. M.

16:113 (Apostles: Of the Lamb and of Christ)

H. W. (Watchword and Truth, Boston, U. S. A.)

19:126 (The Meaning of the Romish Mass)

Haldeman, I. M. (Dr.)

20:8 (The Two Fold Coming, from How to Study the Bible), 56 (The Bible Christo-Centric)

Hanan, Denis (D. D., The Rectory, Tipperary)

1:215 (Letter, after being reproved in 1:159)

Harper, H. A.

3:115 (from the Quarterly Statement on Dr. Bliss)

Hastings, H. L.

21:118 (Destructive Critics, from Specimen Bricks)

Hechler, W. H. (Rev., British Chaplain at Vienna)

4:42 (Fulfilled Prophecy and God’s Word, in Conference Addresses)

Holland, L. (Pastor)

1:87 (Christ in the Psalms)

Hort (Dr., Reader in Divinity, University of Cambridge)

4:92 (review of his work: The Christian Ecclesia, in Selected Gleanings)

Hoyle, Arthur (Rev., of Leeds)

4:33 (The Teaching of Jesus, in Selected Gleanings)

Hunt, Holman (Quoted in Signs of the Times)

3:118 (from the Jewish World)

Hutchinson, A. B. (Rev., C.M.S., Fukuoka, Japan)

13:73 (Editorial, My Words, Not Mine But His); 14:91,100,113 (The Saviour and the Bible)

Irving, Edward

19:129 (The Coming of the Lord)

Isaacs, A. A. (Rev., M.A., of Leicester)

21:128 (Where are the Ten Tribes, from The Scattered Nation, Mag. Edited by Dr. C. Schwartz)

J. E. B.

3:34 (Poem, Perplexity)

J. E. M.

9:138 (Poem, The Shepherd of Souls)

J. G. B. (Referred in Selected Gleanings)

1:35, 55 (from The Present Testimony); 12:104

J. J. B. C. (7, Grove Terrace, West Kensington, W.)

13:15,53,66; 14:69,80,89,104,116,128; 15:19,20; 19:104, 116 (Initiation and the Mysteries);

20:70, 79, 80

Kelly, Howard A. (M.D., LL.D., Professor in Johns Hopkins University, U. S. A.)

20:114 (From Doubt to Faith, A Personal Testimony)

Kingdom Tidings

3:115 (God Working for Those Waiting, in Selected Gleanings)

Knox, John

3:116 (in Selected Gleanings)

Lasher, G. W. (Dr.)

21:19 (Reformation and Regeneration)

Lear, Joseph E. (from Plymouth, England)

16:90 (Bible Word Study, “Aulē”)

Leask, William (D. D.)

3:139; 4:103 (Earth’s Curse and Restoration)

Leighton (Archbishop.  Born 1613)

8:31 (from Wisdom of Our Fathers), 116 (from Sermons)

Liesching, Louis

1:26, 164, 223; 2:50, 175

Lopps, W. (Regent Square)

3:132 (Letter to the Editor of The Figaro)

Lovely, George (Rev., of Ipswich)

2:179 (from Fragments Gathered Up, No. 11)

Lunzc’s Almanac

5:30 (“Palestinian Statistics”)


3:116 (in Selected Gleanings)


2:113 (in Notes and Notices); 6:32 (in Things New and Old)

M. J. C. P.

13:33,44,58,60,83,91,104,105 (Papers on Jeremiah, The Prophet Priest of Anathoth)

MacKay, W. P. (M.D.)

20:115 (Three Days with David)

Maclaren, Alex.

20:108 (Definitions of Grace)

Maitland, Charles

21:82 (from The Apostle’s School of Prophetic Interpretation in Things New and Old)

Marsh, F. E. (Pastor, of Sunderland)

1:3, 84, 127, 183, 204; 2:129, 172; 3:51 (Threefold Appearing of Christ); 5:28, 103, 138; 6:114, 125, 138; 12:91 (from Vol. 1)

Marvin, E. P. (Rev.)

5:66 (in “What The Church is Not”)

Masters, R. J. (Editor/writer of Poems)

2:188, 201, 214; 3:46, 57

Mathieson, James E.

1:94, 120; 2:42, 44, 67; 3:76 (Rapture of the Saints); 8:92; 9:66; 10:66

Mauro, Philip (Counsellor)

13:69,78,94,103,114,128,139 (The World and its God); 14:6,20,43,56,67,126,139; 15:118; 16:123; 19:77 (The Work of Deceiving Spirits), 129; 20:94

McKay, G. P. (Rev.)

17:136 (Christ’s Sufferings and the After Glory, from The Watchtower, organ of the West Cliff Baptist Church, Bournemouth West); 20:53

Medhurst, T. W.

20:108 (Is Romanism Christianity?)

Merritt, Stephen

5:140 (“Him” or “It”, in Things New and Old)

Mill, George (from Warwick, Ontario, Canada)

4:135 (Biblical Study, in Contributed Articles)

Moor, Thomas (Excerpts from his Counsels and Thoughts for Believers, publ. Nisbet & Co.)

5:78,128; 6:32,56,67,81,91,102,115,127,139; 7:8 (Fear Not), 32 (Sweet Thoughts of Him), 105 (Glory in the Lord); 8:43; 9:67; 10:152, 214; 11:54, 94; 12:69

Moule, H.C.G. (from Ridley Hall, Cambridge)

2:110 (Letter, after reproving Andrew Murray in 2:63, A. M. was also reproved in 3:24, 4:115)


9:21 (“Higher Criticism, Teaching of Demons”), 54 (Grievous Wolves) [both in Contributed Articles]

Neatby, Thomas (Dr., of London)

1:82, 130, 181, 221; 2:47, 82, 118, 146, 195; 3:16 (Manifestation of the Sons of God), 101 (The Hope); 5:18, 91 (Looking for the Lord)

Neatby, W. Blair (M. A.)

2:167 (The Lord Jesus Tempted)

Needham, G. C. (Rev., of Northfield, U.S.A.)

2:80 (The “(Holy) Spirit” and the “Word”)

Nehorai, Isaac (Meir Ben)

20:78 (Poem, The Love of God from The Jewish Chronicle)

Newth, Frederick (from Sutton, Surrey)

1:153; 4:144 (Letter); 5:4 (Covenant and Sacrifice of Dan. 9:27, in Contributed Articles), 12 (Letter); 11:27,42,52,67,135; 12:6 (Outlines for Bible Teachers)

Newton, Bishop

20:95 (The Evidence of Prophecy from Dissertations on the Prophecies)

Newton, Sir Isaac

10:214 (The world... was created by One, Almighty, Eternal, Wise, and Good Being: GOD.)

Nordau (Dr.)

15:22 (on the mistakes of Zionism)

Normandale, John W. (Rev.; Radnorshire)

6:127 (A Little While, Heb. 10:37, in Things New and Old)

Noyles, Robert J. (Christ Church Parsonage, Düsseldorf)

19:116 (A Note on Acts 3:26)

Oakley, L.

3:21 (Poem, Hitherto)

Oosterzee, Van

3:116 (in Selected Gleanings)

Oppert, Julius (Professor, Oriental Scholar, Institute of Paris)

5:8 (from “A Mathematical Demonstration of the Exactness of Biblical Chronology”in Selected Gleanings)

Page, William (Lord Hatherley)

20:65 (Christ and the Old Testament)

Panin, Ivan [worker of Bible Numerics]


18:8,21,46,57,81,128; 19:6,30,44,104

Panton, D. M. (M.A., from Jamaica)

1:171; 7:92 (Possession and Exorcism); 12:8,67,100,115 (Christian Science: A Revival of Gnosticism); 13:45 (Church Amusements)

Parlane, W. A.

19:129 (The Coming of the Lord)

Payson (Dr.)

6:140 (Blessed Experience, in Things New and Old)

Pember, G. H. (Esq., M. A.)

2:8, 26 (Scheme of the Apocalypse); 7:92

Pentecost, G. F. (Dr.)

20:135 (The Bible and the Believer, What it is and What it Does, from The Fundamentals, Vol. 10)

Pereira-Mendes (Dr., Rev.)

10:68 (Poem, partial New Jewish National Hymn)

Perowne (The Ven. Archdeacon)

1:162 (Their Debtors We Are, in Conference Addresses)

Potts, J. (from Newcastle-on-Tyne)

2:100 (Letter in Signs of the Times)

Prance, A. B.

19:140 (An Apocalyptic “Must”)

R. H. (a Valued Correspondent)

3:28 (Letter, This Generation, in Contributed Articles)

Rae, John (Ilford, Essex, England)

16:70, 78 (Identity of the Saints with Christ), 134

Randles. Marshall

19:129 (Concerning Holy Scripture)

Rawlence, E. A.

2:208 (The Body and The Bride, in Conference Addresses)

Rivington, George (Captain R. N.)

11:44 (The Body, The Wife and The Bride, in Contributed Articles)

Rouse, G. H.

20:56 (“Shades” of False Theories)

Ryle (Bishop)

1:115 (from Coming Events and Present Duties)

S. F.

6:8 (in The spirit his own interpreter, in Things New and Old)

Saphir, Adolph (Rev. Dr.)

3:91, 116 (both from The Divine Unity of Scripture); 4:128 (from Epistle to Hebrews), 140; 20:108 (The Bible and Other books)

Science Siftings” (about King Menelik)

3:55 (Bible Treasures Traced, in Selected Gleanings)

Scofield, C. I. (Pastor Rev. Dr., of Toronto)

3:99 (The Turkish Crisis, in Contributed Articles)


9:120 (Letter, observation on “The Brethren”)

Scroggie, W. Graham (Pastor, from Halifax and Sunderland)

13:8,21,31,43,57,67,81,93,106,116,129,141 (Papers on The Key of the Advents)

Seiss (Rev. Dr.)

2:177 (from Lectures on the Apocalypse, No. 15)

Sharpe, Norville Wallace (M.D., Saint Louis, U.S.A.)

15:32 (The Anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ, Feast vs. Feasts)

Sharr, F. J.

19:143 (Witness of the Bible to Itself)

Sims, A. (Publisher)

15:143 (Spiritualism Exposed)

Sloan, John (Rev., of Glasgow)

1:93, 206 (The Lord is at Hand)

Smith, Denham

10:67 (in Things New and Old)

Smith, James C.  (Rev., of Dufftown, N. B. and of Hoylake)

1:24 (Three Prophetic Parallelisms Concerning Israel),149.166; 2:29,69,84,93,107,114,127,144 (J. C. S.), 156,168,171,180 (C. S. vs. Edward Hine, Jew), 198; 205 (J. C. S.); 3: 29,51,65,89,138; 4:17, 28,62; 5:42; 11:46,53,66,77,101,112,137; 12:17,52, 99,125,141; 13:17,27, 61 (J. C. S., Editorial, The Path of Life) 125,138; 14:18,31,41,53,65, 78,112, 138; 15:42,55,63,76,88; 16:4,27,39,53,65, 75, 77 (J. C. S.); 88,100,111; 17:5,14,26,39,64,75, 88; 18:3,31,41,52,65,87,101,112,138; 19:27, 100,135; 20:3,28,51,75,99; 21:15,89,102,114,126, 139 (A New Synopsis, from Gen. To Ruth)

Spurgeon, Charles Haddon (Rev.) [Quoted several times in Things New and Old]

3:7 (from his Last Address, in Selected Gleanings); 6:8 (from Barbed Arrows from the Quiver), 92, 102 (“Religious Ostriches”), 116

Stearns, D. M. (Pastor, of Germantown, Philadelphia) [in Conference Addresses]

1:65 (Second Coming), 225; 2:74 (Inspiration), 94 (The Morning), 122 (The Abiding Promise)

Stewart, Alexander (of Glasgow)

1:71 (The Inspiration of The Scriptures), 106 (The Coming King), 167 (Pitching “Toward the Sunrising”); 2:93; 6:41 (Crown Rights of Jesus)

Stuart, C. E. (Brethren)

10:190 (from Grains and Gleanings (or seed thoughts) Annual, 1903)

Synge, R. E. (Major - General)

4:90 (Apocalyptic Interpretation), 99 (Idolatry)

T. A. H.

18:125 (Sanctuary of Ezekiel)

T. R. (his publisher: the Dublin Tract Repository)

2:120 (The Son of God Himself and Not Another, in Contributed Articles); 3:33 (in Present Day Topics)

The Christian” Magazine

17:47 (The Blessed Hope)

The Fundamentals

20:92 (Sin Vanquished in Christ), 114 (Against Darwinism)

The Jewish Chronicle

4:140 (Are Afghans (Pathans) Israelites?); 6:93 (Interview with Dr. Herzl)

The Missionary Review

17:71 (New Theology and Higher Criticism, in Signs of the Times)

The Pall Mall Gazette

1:232 (Hebrews of Daghestan, in Selected Gleanings); 4:92 (on Dr. Hort’s The Christian Ecclesia)

The (Second) Editor of Things to Come

20:6, 18, 30 (Prophets of Israel: Men and Ministry)

Thelwall, Sydney (Rev. B.A., Vicar of Radford, Leamington)

1:230 (in Notes for Bible Study, Psalm 109, from The Clergyman’s Magazine, Aug., 1894); 9:126 (Psalms 1 and 2)

Thomas, E. H. (Colonel)

16:83 (Letter, Election Within an Election); 18:19, 29,69,77,89,115,123; 19:16,65,123

Topping, W. Hayes (St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A.)

15:77, 89, 102, 114 (The Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia)

Townsend (Rev., Dr., Vicar of St. Marks, Tunbridge Wells)

3:77 (From A Bright To-Morrow)

Trench, George F. (of Ardfert, Ireland)

1:62 (Millennial Lights and Shadows), 124 (Blessed Hope), 157, 198 (Letter, Trench, George J.); 4:29,89 (Structure of 1 Tim.),140 (Letter)

Tucker-Broad, W. (Head of The College, Brampton, Carlisle)

6:107 (Letter, A Personal Experience, vs. Higher Criticism); 12:41, 54 (The Coming Kingdom)

Tyndale, William

19:95 (on “The Parable of the Wicked Mammon”)

Urquhart, J. (Rev., of Weston-Super-Mare, Editor of “The King’s Own” and “Word and Work”)

1:146 (The “Difficulties” of Scripture, A Proof of its Inspiration, at the Liverpool Conference, Nov. 1894)

van Someren, G. J. (Colonel)

19:17, 56; 20:54,63,77,87,102,112,126,139;

21:6, 27 (Book of Daniel), 81 (Resurrection)

von Bogatzky, C. H.

19:129 (Concerning Holy Scripture)

W. G. (from New York, U. S. A.)

15:5, 17, 29 (Thou Art Peter)

W. H. S.

9:44 (from Trusting and Toiling, in Things New and Old)

W. C. M.

21:116 (When Does “The Rapture” Take Place?)

W. M.

6:43 (Letter, Apostolic Ministry, in Things New and Old)

Washington, M. (Rev., M.A., Rector of Staple Fitzpaine)

4:6 (The Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ: Are There Two Distinct Phases in His Second Advent?)

Watson, Alfred Stacy

7:18, 56, 67, 127; 21:3 (The World’s Dominion, A Kaiser Dream, from Vol. 7, Vide Daily Papers)

Watson, William

16:119 (Poem, criticizing Man’s Science)

Watts, Isaac

20:32 (Poem, “Spoke by His Son”, Rev. 19:10, Heb. 1:1); 21:11 (Poem, “These Words”, in Ten Lines, Ex. 20:1-17)

Waugh, Thomas (Rev.)

15:127; 16:6; 19:129 (The Coming of the Lord)

Webb-People, H. W. (Vicar of St. Paul’s, Onslow Square, President of The Barbican Mission to the Jews, 1903)

10:72 (Letter, Report of the Barbican Mission to the Jews)

Welch, Charles H. (Dispensational Expositions)

15:27,43,57,65,80,92,104,115,124,137; 16:7,19,31, 43,55,66,79,91,102,114,128,138; 17:18,28,43,53, 65,79,103,113,126,138; 18:33,44,54,67,80,91,104, 117,126,141; 19:5,19,33,42,53,68,79,91,112,137; 20:15,39,65,111; 21:17,44,65,86,141 (in Ephesians)

Weldon, F. W. (Colonel, Indian Staff Corps.)

9:20 (critics to the cult called Christian Science)

West (Dr.)

1:157 (On John Wesley and Pre-Millennialism)

Westminster Confession of Faith

3:116 (in Selected Gleanings)

Whitfield, Frederick

3:9 (Poem, Rest!)

Wilkinson, John (Rev.)

1:104; 2:72; 3:40; 4:125, 137

Wilson, Charles (Sir)

3:115 (from the Quarterly Statement)

Windham, G. F. (Bembridge, Isle-of-Wight )

1:174 (Letter, three things after Jesus); 2:187 (Windham, G. S., Letter, To Whom the Epistles?)

Witherspoon, T. D. (D. D.)

2:88 (from the Homiletic Review)

“Women’s Ministry”

12:9 (Question No. 376)

Wood, John (Esq.)

4:31 (Are There Two Distinct Phases in The Second Coming of our Lord?, a Prophetical Conference)


1:173 (Little Children, 1 Jn. 2:28)


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