SOME WORKS DONE BY BULLINGER’S COLLEAGUES: (Death No Gateway To Heaven, by Willard Smith. Enoch and Elijah: R.I.P., by M. Thomas Wark) (the works of Charles Welch) (Charles Welch regarding Fallen Angels, Amorites, Book of Job, Tares vs. Wheat, and Stuart Allen with “God’s Kingdom”) (the life and works of A. E. Knoch) (the life and works of A. E. Knoch) (Figures Of Speech by A. E. Knoch) (A. E. Knoch and others) [Biography of Sir Robert Anderson (1841-1918)] (The Buddha of Chrisendom. A Book for the Present Crisis, by Sir Robert Anderson) [The Bible or the Church? (Chapter 1) by Sir Robert Anderson] [The Bible or the Church? (Chapter 13) by Sir Robert Anderson] (The Coming Prince, Sir Robert Anderson) (The Gospel and its Ministry, by Sir Robert Anderson) (The Lord from Heaven, by Sir Robert Anderson) (Sir Robert Anderson and the Seventy Weeks of Daniel, by Tom Stewart, Jan. 14, 2000) (The Berean Journal. Serious Reading for Serious Christians; includes writings from Anderson, Darby, Mackintosh, etc., and songs and poems) (Chart of Things To Come, by Adlai Loudy)



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