Spider-Man Toy Craziness!
  I have collected Spider-Man toys since 1994, it has gradually increased from a hobby to an obsession. I now spend several hours each day, hunting new toys or information about toys I don't know about.

  I like the design of the toys and their packaging, and I'm amazed by the variety of toys and merchandise made. Toilet paper! Pogo sticks! Shampoo bottles! Anything you can think of and then some!

What you'll find here
  There are already several other Spider-man toy sites on the net, you will find links to most of them on my site. However, most of them concentrates on USA, where most of the toys are made. But there's also quite a lot of toys made in Europe, South America, and Asia. This is still a relatively unsearched area with lots more to discover. I intend to focus on those toys, and show pictures of toys not featured on other sites. Moreover, I will also show variants of certain toys or toy packagings, that may be of interest.
  Regular features will be added along the way, of what type remains to be seen as this site is just started. Your contribution is essential! I will listen to any demands, suggestions, good or bad critisism, anything that will make this site better!

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