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The house is in escrow.  We will leave Oct 7th for Farmington NM
With all my interests, hobbies and daily tasks ... why in the world would I set up a website?  Call it a creative outlet.  I spent far too many years with computers to give it up completely.  I've had a domain name for almost five years and never followed through.  This is my experimental site, if you will.  I can jump on, edit a little, give updates for friends and family and give me some creative outlet with a computer albeit however small!  To any visiters, I hope you enjoy!
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Now isn't that a gorgeous view of Mt Shasta?

I can't wait to move and see what sort of view we might get in our new abode!
FLY Lady:
I LOVE HER!  I found the site in a magazine article. It's that geek in me that's always looking for a little something to improve performance.  She's not about housework or cleaning.  It's about FINALLY LOVING YOURSELF!

I've managed to fling boogie my house and my life, give my family more attention and love -- and me a happier person.  It's a wonderful follow-up or companion to one of my favorite books, "Simple Abundance."  Remember, you can do anything in 15 minutes!

I began with a mess!  I have since learned about how a property can be "staged."  Rather than feeling duped... I have dug up, nursed, weeded, and planted quite a bit.  I've even brought in finches, wrens and hummingbirds along the way to a cottage garden feel.  15 minutes at a time of course!  I've hired Clark to de-weed the front lawn and do a super Round-up on the side and back lawns, then brought in 4 cu yards of topsoil.  When we listed the girls back at the realtor's office loved the front.  Too bad I get to start over! 
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With all my years in Scouts, it was inevitable that Brandon become a Cub Scout.  I am no longer in a leadership role, which frees me up to help Brandon get all the awards he is after.  He is in Webelos now, just recently earning his religious medal.  With his unique problems, I think it is wonderful that he has stayed focused since a Tiger Cub and go on to earn the most academic and sports belt loops and pins than I have ever seen!  I'm very proud.
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