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In the fall of 1998, Central America was devistated by Hurricane Mitch. At that time, I still had a bit more than a year left in the Army. My unit, A Company, 9th Psychological Operations Battlion (Airborne), was put on stand-by status to deploy to Honduras. We were to support engineer and medical units in the relief efforts.

On 15 December 1998, my company loaded onto a C-5 and flew south to Soto Cano United States Air Base, in Honduras. My detatchment left Soto Cano for Cuma Lapa, El Salvador a few days before Christmas. While in El Slavador I e-mailed home on more or less a weekly basis.

My best friend Phil was smart enough to save all these letters (something I neglected to do) and recently sent them all back to me. Now I can share my experience with the rest of you. Enjoy.

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