My Crappy Website!!
Hmm it appears all this talk that was on here of me acting like I was 8 just confuses people. So I decided to change my page. I need something smart and funny to say but heck I cant think of anything. Hey has anyone seen that one show you know the one that everyone talks about cause I have never seen and I dont know the name of it either. So anywho I'm rocking the suberbs these days with my crappy Nissan. Oh if anyone wants to send some fan mail my address is 100 Kimbo Drive, Kings Mountain NC 28086. I am leaving myself open for weirdos and stalkers so alright bring it on! I need help getitng started with a record send money people!
   So who exactly is Jon Burger? Well he is a terrible mucsian and an even worse singer. He loves cats and his guitar. He was born on April 14, 1983 but he would have you believe that he was born on May 5, 1993 this would make him 7. He will be 8 this year this is a big milestone for him since now he will be able to play on the big kids playground! He is also a big fan of the EELS! He also supports artist like Eminem and Backstreetboys and N*SYNC and Britany Spears! Jon says he does this just becaus he is tired of everyone bashing them. I think he just does it cause he is a pansy. Jon is a nerd too he has many friends online.....and he spends all day on Napster! What a nerd he is....why am I even doing this for this idiot? Oh wait I did'nt mean to think outloud. Oh well that is Jon. If you want to see his other website goto Jon's EELS page!
  Hey well it has been a couple of hectic weeks. Things are back to normal though and I now work as a "critic".  Check out MvRemix to see my reviews. Here are some funny pics to tide you over.
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