Delta Lotta Pain, Loca, and Vendetta


STATUS: Heels. Tag team champions, "Caged Heat."

WRESTLING: They're good. They definitely have the best teamwork of any WOW tag team, including their finisher, "Capital Punishment." Delta especially does some good power moves. They normally proceed at a sharp, quick rate by WOW standards. I should point out that they have combined matches where they look really confident with matches where they look like they're not quite sure what they're doing. Most of the WOW wrestlers show a steady pattern of improvement, but the Heat has been up and down.

CHARACTER: Both are giving their all to this gimmick, and doing it well, selling it without overdoing it. It's a good gimmick, by WOW standards. It must be a lot easier to tell someone "act like a gangsta" than, for instance, "act like a car mechanic." Their posturing during the match seems authentic to the characters. They play to the crowd much better during the actual match than they do on the mic. The Heat's mic work sometimes doesn't elicit the crowd participation they look for. Maybe they should try working the crowd after they put on a good match, not before it...They lip-synch parts of their theme song as they enter, but not so much of it that it looks dumb. Again, if you watch the XFL, you see people acting with the same type of machismo they show, so I think they are doing it well...Loca used to make great posts on the WOW board, but she's disappeared lately.

LOOKS: They're not there to be pretty. But Delta actually looks like she would look good if they packaged her that way. And Loca...well, Loca has cool hair. LOCAAAAA!!!!

COMMENTS: Caged Heat is usually great. I love their theme song. I love the "Delta Lotta Pain...and LOCAAAAA!" I love the:

Doin' crazy time
For our crazy crimes
You got me crazy goin'
With these crazy rhymes.

Or something close to that. It's a little corny, but close enough to something decent that we can accept it, and definitely fun. Anyways, Caged Heat is definitely the fan favorite tag team. People say that they are too much like the Dudley Boyz of the WWF. I have to say that I don't care much. In order to get to the point where they can take risks and be original, WOW first has to survive. For now, if they have to go with familiar things in order to survive, that is perfectly fine with me. Anyway, obviously Caged Heat is not a complete ripoff since they don't put people through tables.

One cheeseball thing is their "jail cell." It is like this rather spacious room with a fence around it, and when they want to get out, they climb over the top!! That is way too stupid. Just put them in a real jail cell. What's so tough? Also, they attack the ref nearly every single time out. It gets just a little predictable.

Let me finally mention that, like me, Loca is from Queens. LOCAAAAA!!!


2/4/2000 (PPV):
- Vendetta joined Caged Heat. They mentioned that she was there to combat Thug and Harley's Angels, but that rivalry may be toned down because...
- A new tag team, "Law and Order", debuted. Just from the name, it seems pretty obvious that a run-in with the Heat is in their future. Apparently, L & O are heels, since they beat up Hammerin' Heather Steele. That should serve to put Caged Heat over further as crowd-favorite heels.


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