The Dead Forest

Thaurwylth's Domain

When sun goes down and enters the night
when darkness breeds and eats all the light
Enter these woods, now dont' you feel fear?
'Cause here in this forest, Thaurwylth's always near...

For a long time, this page has remained here with unfinished structure and mixed content. I decided it might be about time to do something. So, for now, I removed links to most outdated subpages.

You can find some up-to-date basic information about me here. I'll add more information soon. I'm also looking forward to arranging some sort of photo gallery on these pages.

Before I manage to add more stuff here, I present you the following small collection of links. Check them out.

Magic: the Gathering links
Wizards of the Coast - The creators of Magic
Magicthegathering - The official Magic website by Wizards
Bore - A Finnish Magic website

Other links
IRC-Galleria - The Finnish IRC Gallery, look me up as Thaurzie
Alypää - A Finnish online trivia question game
Suomen Liveroolipelaajat ry - The Finnish Live-Roleplaying Society

I'll update this page occasionally. Feel free to wander back one day or another.

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