Many years ago I had the privilege of going to a few games at the Polo Grounds shortly before its' demise. For me it was as if I had made a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Baseball Heaven. We used to take the bus to 181st Street and walk down Riverside Drive to get there. It was old and dank. Looking overhead from the lower deck were many catwalks where it seemed every drunk in NY was walking and spilling his beer. The sound system was like a blasting crystal radio that echoed inteminably.

The field was shaped like an elongated oval with that hugh old clubhouse looming in deep centerfield. The foul poles seemed like they were sitting just out of my reach as I sat behind home plate. But from there I could almost see Bobby Thompson hit that miracle home run. And I will never tire of hearing the call..."THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT !! THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT !!"

Damn, I miss that old place. I've come across a few pics of the Polo Grounds that I thought you might be interested in. Enjoy!

Polo Grounds 1954

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