Brian McKnight - The Only One For Me

Say you've seen too many things
That turned out to be too good to be true
Against your better judgement
Opened up your heart
'Til you found the joke was on you
Looking out on the rest of our lives
If we're gonna be together or apart
About the only way that I know how to come
Is right straight from my heart

1 - I want you now, I'll show you how
I can be the man you need me to be
I've been around, but now I've found
That you're the only one for me

You say you'll never fall again
You won't subject yourself to such pain
If you give me half the chance I'll win
I'll never leave you standing out in the rain
But if you think that I could look you in the face
And lie right through my teeth
Then turn around and walk away
But cross my heart, girl I care for you
When I look into your eyes and I say

Repeat 1

2 - I need you so, I can't let go
Gonna be all that I can be
I want you still I always will
'Cause you're the only one for me

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

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