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Facts about the Stars!
Chris Kirkpatrick
JC Chasez

Joey Fatone
Justin Timberlake

Lance Bass

The albums the released and the titles of their songs

Funny Phrases told by them

Don't drool

Guys that really look like members of 'N Sync

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"He (Joey) stays up to flirt, and he (Chris) just stays up 'cause he's psycho" - JC

"This is all about chicks for him (Joey). I'm going to say it right now. This is all about chicks. He doens't even like music, come to think about it. He doesn't like dancing either. This is all about chicks..." - Chris

"I wear the same underwear, no, I'm just kidding." - Justin when asked about if he has any superstitions about performing.

"DON'T touch me!" - Chris

"WHERE IS THIS WRITTEN?... Oh, for the love of Pete! Someone's gonna get fired for this!" - Chris when someone messed up on how old he was.

"The worst feeling in the world is when you stick your hand in a bowl of jelly and you don't wash it off. Now that's a bad feeling - it gets all sticky and crusty!" - Chris

"Is Joey's mom one? Is Joey's mom gonna be up there?" - Chris on 'N Sync TV's #1 fan contest.

"Somebody call wardrobe." - Justin on Carson Daly's clothes.

"No... I'm just the most intelligent one of the band." - Chris

"I don't know... I guess you have to ask to find out. We're pretty easy." - JC

"We're gonna moon the camera. Ha! This is Minnie Mouse ERRRR!" - Chris

"In Spain man, they're really grabby. They're like scratchy." - JC

"He's (JC) been in prison for what, five years?" - Joey

“That (doing MMC) was their punishment” – Lance

“We all got our character voices down. Our dream is to South Park characters.” – Lance

“We want to write a South Park song for them.” – JC

“You know Justin was supposed to be the lead character in Titanic.” – Chris
“Yeah, but I turned it down. I said, ‘Why don’t you get like, Leo?’” – Justin
“Leo almost turned it down, too. But he was like ‘Man, you offered it to Justin.’” – JC
“I said ‘Man, I’m moving on to bigger and better things. Maybe you should give it to Leo’” – Justin
“And Chris was going to be Kate Winslet.” – Joey

“Less dancing ‘cause we’re gonna have really bad knees.” – Lance on where the group will be in 10 years.

“We all break into The Real World opening.” – Lance

“Actually, I fear, actually, like somebody… ‘cause when throwing stuffed animals on stage, I fear someone’s gonna throw something like really heavy towards my head and it’s gonna smack me unconscious and they’ll have to take me to the hospital and I might die! That won’t happen!” – Justin

“Girl Power!” – Chris
QUESTION: “What exactly does Girl Power mean to you?”
“We have no idea!” – Lance
“I don’t know but I bet the Spice Girls can kick our butts!” – Chris
“Hey, hey! No, there’s only four of them now!” – Justin
“Oh, we’re taking them on! That’s it! I forgot they lost a member.” – Chris

“Wow, everyone’s an inny!” – Chris

“As you can see by Joey’s eye!” – Chris

“I was a happy little guy.” – Justin

“He can be a real fool.” – JC

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“Thanks guys, I can feel the love all around this room!” – Chris

“Hey, I’m bigger than you!” – Justin

“Yeah, he flirts like mad, but can never seem to get himself a girlfriend.” – Lance talking about Joey

“I guess I try to hard then they don’t believe me anymore.” – Joey

“We call him our little blue flame, cause he can get a sparkle in anyone’s eyes.” – JC

“Just look closely. Do we look normal?” – Joey

“I don’t have Superman tattoo on my butt, I swear!” – Joey

“He (Joey) showers in his swimming trunks” – Justin

“I am the cookieman and this is my sidekick sprinkles.” – Justin

“We were all standing butt naked, I was in nothing but shirt and boxers.” – Justin

“I can never mix the fruit right!”- Chris

“If my girlfriend were any taller than me I’d have to wear heels.” – Chris

“It’s (Titanic 2 – The Iceberg’s View) gonna be an iceberg for about 2 hours then, boom, a ship and it’s over… and maybe a couple of crying penguins.” – Chris

“I fell off a bed once… it kinda hurt too!” – Joey

“I was skydiving and hit a bird.” – Lance

“I picked my nose when I was younger, therefore, I have big nostrils.” – Joey

“The funny thing about JC is… well, say we’re driving somewhere and we see a pretty girl on the sidewalk. The four of us will go ‘Hey, check out that girl!’… and five minutes later JC will go ‘Wow, check out that dog. What kind is it?’ He’s nuts about dogs.” – Chris

“I’m in love with an alien.” – Chris

“Lance gets NONE!” – JC
“I get it ALL!” – Lance

“There’s spit flying all over the place.” – Lance

"Single and ready to mingle!" - Joey and Justin

"I just slip these bad boys (his PJs) on and I'm out cold." - JC

"You forgot my sexy good looks!" - JC

"Normally you gotta keep him (Chris) away from sugar, cause he'll go nuts. We travel in a small bus and he's like a hurricane." - Lance

"I'm not really a morning person, I'm just more of an awake person." - Chris

"I think I'm an AOL dummy!" - Justin

"I think I'm in Lance's dream!" - Chris

"He (Joey) is like Tickle Me Elmo!" - Chris

"If we had auditioned everyone I don't think Joey would have made it." - Chris

"I can't sleep with any light whatsoever. My cell phone has this little charger. It has this little itty-bitty light and I can see it when my eyes are closed and it bugs the heck out of me, so I have to have total darkness, unless there's a fireplace." - Lance

"I'm a pretty heavy sleeper. I fell asleep on the plane and we landed and everything and I didn't know it. Lance had to smake me on the back of the head and go 'Dude, the plane is empty. You're the last one.' I said 'Oh my goodness.'" - JC

"Let it go. Just let it go Carson." - Justin

"Should I say that with a little more feeling?" - Chris
"Yeah, say that sentence again." - Justin
"I'm sure you hear this all the time but you have SUCH a sexy voice - oh baby." - Chris
"You gotta put the emphasis on the oh baby." - Justin
"I'm sure you hear this all the time but you have such a SEXY voice." - Chris
"OH BABY!" - All
"Well, we gotta let Lance do the oh baby cause he's got the..." - DJ
"He's got the bass voice." - Chris
"*very low* oh baby." - Lance
"So in other words, Lance has a sexy voice and we have each other." - Chris

"And there is drool! And there is drool, there is drool on the paper!" - Chris

"Chris, man, they need you outside for autographs... So tell me what's the deal with... geez, he's actually leaving - Come on man, you can come back." - DJ
"We'll lock you out!" - Joey
"Okay, he's gone. Now we can have a civilized interview." - Justin
"Somebody lock Chris out." - DJ
"(in background) Haha it doesn't lock!" - Chris
"The door doesn't lock!" - Chris

"Ummm... is it true y'all nominated me for the best bass singer for the Grammies this year?" - Lance
"We did nominate you for teen idol of the year." - Justin

"Our next outfits will probably have the buns cut outta them." - Chris

"You have the ears in your closet." - Chris
"Yeah, you know I'm a freak. I wear them whenever you know." - JC
"Hey, baby. Wanna go out with me? I got the ears in my closet." - Chris
"Yeah, it's all good. What's up girl, me and you? Won't you put on this nice little hat!" - JC

"If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you bring Chris?" - DJ
"Uhh, what three items would I bring? I'd bring my skates, a coke machine, and the Spice Girls." - Chris
"You can't skate on sand man! But, yo, the Spice Girls, I'm diggin' that answer!" - DJ
"Just because I got a lot of flavor there. Ya know what I'm sayin'?" - Chris
"Joey comes over and eats all our food anyways! SCRUB!" - JC

"Okay, you guys are in an elevator. The elevator crashes. Your stuck in there for a year. Which one of you to eat first?" - DJ
"I'm diggin' in on all of them, dude, ya know!" - JC
"I think they'd probably eat me..." - Justin
"Lance!!!" - Chris
"...cuz I'm high in protein!" - Justin
"I dunno!" - JC
"'N Sync steaks!" - DJ
"Lance is pretty sweet." - Chris
"Yeah!" - JC "Lance got a big old butt..." - Justin
"I know I told you I'd be true... cuz Lance got a big old butt, so I'm eatin' you!" - Justin and JC

"Do you remember when they phased out BooBerry? Remember that Frankenberry and Count Chocula? What happened to BooBerry? Got rid of him! I don't know what it is - that just ain't right. We are gonna march a campaign... Bring back the cop... Phased him out! We still got the Trix Rabbit, right?" - Chris
"Hoppin' down the bunny trail." - Joey
"Someone bit the Trix Rabbit in the ass. I heard that." - DJ
"Really? Their gonna phase him out too." - Chris
"It was Tony the Tiger." - Justin
"The tiger caught him, GRRRREEEAAATTT" - Joey
"The tiger got pissed, man, and bit the rabbit." - DJ
"Dead cartoon cereal box heaven." - Chris
"You know what they should do? They should have a celebrity deathmatch with all the mascots of cereal. Trix the Rabbit, Tony the Tiger, Lucky Charms leprechaun." - Justin
"As long as they still got em! If they're still here." - Chris
"Who else is there?" - Justin
"Count Chocula." - JC
"Count Chocual - PHASED OUT!" - Chris
"What if we make our own cereal? Like 'N Sync cereal!" - Chris

"I don't want no scrub, 'cause a scrub is a guy who can't get no love from me... That's always been my motto" - Justin on TRL pre-MTV Music Awards show

"'N Sync is mad now. We used to sing about love and all that crap, but now were mad..." - Justin (on an MTV News interview)

"Busta... What the...?? Oh man!" - Chris
"Busta just peed on national TV!" - Either Justin or JC (not quite sure)
"Sheesh. We spend weeks on training you and as soon as we're all on national TV you just let it all go!" - Chris (MTV interview)

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