Pending a divorce, our family now consists of three people.  Kelly Nall, daughter Lexie, and son Logan.  I have been unemployed since June of last year.  My soon to be ex-wife left us in mid September of 2004.  We have not complete our adjustment, but we are well on the way.  We are happy, and healthy.
If you'd like to get more of a idea about Kelly, Lexie and Logan, you can check out our pictures on Webshots.  Click the link below to see us!
A B O U T   K E L L Y
Kelly was born in Flint, Michigan October 20th, 1967.  Moved to Indiana at the age of four and has lived here ever since. 
He has worked in the field of Transportation and Logistics for the past ten years or so.  His hobbies are paintball, RPG's, technology, his 1967 Ford Falcon (Judy), chatting on the internet, blogging, local music, movies, amature photography, web page authoring, really, the list goes on and on...  He collects medieval weapons, and enjoys trying new import and microbrew beers.  Kelly is currently seeking a responsible position in the field of Logistics.  If you would like to view a copy of his resume, click here (PDF).
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If you would like to visit the nallweb Internet radio broadcast, you can click on the LAUNCHcast link below.
Kelly keeps a blog.  Sometimes its actual things that are happening to the Nall family, sometimes it has movie or music reviews.  Basically whatever strikes his fancy at the time.  You can check it out by clicking on the BLOGGER link below.
A B O U T   L E X I E
Kelly belongs to an online community called Louisville Mojo.  It's a friends network (non-psychic for the most part)  You can view his profile by clicking the link:
A B O U T   L O G A N
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You can always contact him on Yahoo messenger as the1weasel, or just click below to send him an IM
Lexie was born locally on April 13th, 1998.  She attends 1st grade and loves it!  She is a member of a Girl Scouts Brownie troop, and likes to do artwork and crafts.  She likes to surf
on nickjr, cartoon network, funbrain, and the barbie sites.  She is learning how to ride her bike without training wheels, she has four pet hermit crabs, and her favorite color is pink.  Lexie was a pirate girl for Halloween last year.  Grandma donated the costume and we bought her a sword to go with it!
Logan was born on Valentines day, February 14th, 2001.  He just got the hang of potty training.  He sleeps in a pullup, but it's dry 90% of the time when he wakes up.  Sometimes he needs help finishing up when he goes #2.  Logan has become his daddy's best little friend in the time that daddy has been off from work.  Logan likes to play with toys, his or his sisters toys either one.  He likes to watch cartoons on TV, he likes to help his daddy, and he absolutely loves Judy.  Logan was a king this year for Halloween, and his daddy make his entire costume from scratch.
Lexie loves her little brother beyond anything else.  They are best friends, she consoles him when he is sad, always enjoys playing with him, and talks to him.  She likes to teach him her school lessons, and loves showing him new things.  She is the best big sissy a little brother could ever have.
Judy, Kelly's 1964 Ford Falcon.  He bought the car early last year off of Ebay Motors for $1600.  His brother Mike drove him up to just North of Columbus, Ohio to pick her up.  He has replaced a starter, alternator, plugs, wires, solenoid, himself, and had the exhaust completely redone.  He can repair about 90% of the things on this car.  Judy has a 6cyl/170 engine witha single barrel carbureator.  She was originally a 3 speed on the column which has been converted to a floor shifter.  She looks pretty good, but could use some minor body work this summer.
Favorite Color: Pink and purple
Favorite Food: Mushrooms
Favorite Show: Zoey 101
Favorite Song: The Tide is High
Favorite Activity: Skating
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Toy: Beanie Baby Lamb (Lammy)
Favorite Web Site:
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Fish
Favorite Show: Spongebob
Favorite Song: FUN song by Spongbob
Favorite Activity: Play Pretend
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Toy: Army Men
Favorite Web Site:
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*incedentally, the1weasel is the "online persona" of Kelly, and derives itself from the nickname weasel which was given to him by friends in his years at Ball State University. This was in the mid-80's, much before Pauly Shore came up with the same nickname.