Records by Klinnia

The Beginning
August 26th 2000
March 2nd 2001
In the Desert
March 2nd 2001
Sebastian and Nocturna
July 4th to September
Sebastian and Halfing Part II
September and October
Sebastian and Halfing Part III
November and December
Sebastian and Halfing Part IV
January 2002
Sebastian and Halfing Part V
February, March, April 2002
Sebastian and Halfing Part VI
May 2002
Sebastian and Halfing Part VII
Feb 2003
Sebastian and Halfing Part VIII
June 2005

Records By Sirah

February 28th to March 29th 2001
February 20th to May 11th 2001
Vision Part I
February 1st to March 31st 2001
Vision Part II
June 1st through June 13th 2001
Vision Part III
June 16th to July 7th 2001
Vision Part IV
July 26th to August 1st
Vision Part V
September 17th to October 9th
Vision Part VI
December 6th to the 25th
Vision Part VII
February 25th to March 9th
Vision Part VIII
April 2nd to the 9th
Vision Part IX
April 2002 - July 2002
Vision Part X
September 2002
Vision Part XI
Jan 2003
Vision Part XII
March 2003
Vision Part XIII
Dec 2003
The Vampire Hunt
Friday March 9th 2001
Healing Calvin
Friday March 9th 2001
Chat on the Roof
Friday March 9th 2001
Orchardfest on the X-post
March 13th 2001 onwards
The Ending of the Lab Sag
March 24th to March 30th
In the Dinner
Saturday March 31th 2001
Lab Aftermath
April 6th through April 13th
Centauri Part 1
April 6th to June8th 2001
Centauri Part II
July 8th onwards
April 23rd to May 13th
Nocturna and Memory
April 28th to May 5th 2001
Fun in the Diner
May 13th through 17th 2001
The Beginning of Something New
May 19th through 23rd 2001
In the Dinner
May 25th through 31st 2001
Chat in the Diner
May 31st 2001
The Plot Thickens
June 1st to June 7th 2001
The Philosophy of Fear
June 8th through 26th 2001
Of Vampire's and Mutants
June 27th to July 10th 2001
When Cartoon and Reality Collide
June 30th 2001
Fade and HMTHS
June 28th 2001 - April 6th 2002
Of Many Returns
July 10th to July 31st
Kitty and Wylie
June 28th onwards
In Calico's Apartment
July 14th to July 31st
Loose in the City
July 23rd onwards
Talon and Terrean
June 8th onwards
Day of Chaos - HMTHS
July 25th to August 6th
Tom and Family
July 27th to August 12th
Amy and Raze
July 27 to July 29th
Calvin, Kat and Kanga
July 27th and 28th
Dream and Serpent
July 28th to August 1st
Various Conversations
July 31st to August 8th
Amy and Genesis
August 1st
Blade and Taylor
August 6th through 21st
End of an Era
August 8th to the 27th
In and around New York
September 16th onwards
Joey and Changeling Part I
October 9th to October 19th
Joey and Changeling Part II
October 22nd to the 30th
Joey and Changeling Part III
October 31st to November 9th
Joey and Changeling Part IV
November 13th to November 19th
Joey and Changeling Part V
November 20th to November 26th
Joey and Changeling Part VI
November 26th to November 30th
Joey and Changeling Part VII
December 3rd to January 9th 2002
Joey and Changeling Part VIII
January 10th to January 22nd 2002
Joey and Changeling Part IX
January 22nd to January 30th 2002
Joey and Changeling Part X
January 30th to February 5th 2002
Joey and Changeling Part XI
February 5th to February 19th 2002
Joey and Changeling Part XII
February 19th to March 25th
Joey and Changeling Part XIII
March 29th to April 25th
Joey and Changeling Part XIV
April 16th to the 22nd
Joey and Changeling Part XV
April 22nd to May 7th
Joey and Changeling Part XVI
May to June 2003
Joey and Changeling Part XVII
August 2003 to June 2004
Joey and Changeling Part XVIII
April 2006
Paradox and Aimee Part I
October 29th to November 5th
Paradox and Aimee Part II
November 6th to 9th
End of HMTHS
November 11th to 30th
November 16th to 23rd
Various Meetings
December 4th to the 13th
Alysa, Krista and Matt
Decemer 9th onwards
Chaos and Confrontations
December 14th to the 16th
Oblivion and Moon
December 16th to the 22nd
Vampires and Christmas
December 19th to the 26th
More Fun with Moon and Oblivion
December 26th to the 29th
At the Vampire Night Club
December 29th to January 2nd
I'm Boooored!
January 2nd 2002
Oblivion and Moon
January 4th to 8th
January 8th to 25th
Star and Centauri
January 25th to February 2nd
Star and Centauri Part II
February 2nd to the 15th
Star and Centauri Part III
April 5th to May 9th
Star and Centauri Part IV
May 10th to June 5th
Star and Centauri Part V
June 6th to the 23rd
Star and Centauri Part VI
June 28th on
Chat Chaos
February 1st
Various Encounters
February 4th to the 22nd
Vampires and Angels and Cat Mutants, Oh my!
February 23rf to the 27th
Various Encounters
March 7th to the 14th
Various Encounters
March 15th to the 23rd
Alysa, Mirage and Oblivion
March 30th onwards
Terry and Kat
March 18th to April 5th
Random Encounters
April 4th to May 4th
Dagger and Montoya
May 3rd onwards
May 6th to the 29th
May 28th on
In the Arcade..
May 31st
Raze and Kali
May 31st onwards
Moon and Oblivion
June 8th onwards
June/July 2002
June and July 2002
New Beginnings
July 29th onwards
August 2002
August 2002
Memory and Danae
August 2002
Terry and Danae
September 2002
Terry and Danae con..
December 2002
Terry and Danae Part 3
January 2004
Terry and Danae Part 4
February 2003
Psylight and Raze
November 2002
Spiderboys and Birdgirls
September - December 2002
More Moon and Oblivion
Nov 2002
Leander and Montoya
Dec 2002
Encounters in Darkness and Light
Jan 2003
Darkwinter Decends
April 2003
Case of Arson
May 2003
One Night Only
June 2003
August 2003
Return of a wandering Vampire
December 2003
A Fine Spring Morning
May 2004
One Last Big Bang
June 2004
Kat Meets Tom Again
June 2004
Centauri and Rowain
June 2004
Saving Cali
February 2005
The Return of the Mutant Diner
February 2005
Raze and Rhyse
February 2005
Gavin and Lian
June 2005
Oblivion and Star Do Lunch
July 2005
Random Summer Encounters
Summer 2006