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Opening Day Nears...

Posted by Calvin and the Diner on 5/6/2006

The gangly young man sits contentedly on the polished black and blue marble bar of the fruition of the past months' labors. The diner is finally almost finished.

Overstuffed red booths line the walls beneath large windows, tables are scattered in the middle of the floor, bar stools stand at attention in their stations. Retro silver light fixtures hang down from high, complex rafters, their electric glare making the shadowed beams beyond nearly invisible by contrast. The wood paneled walls are as of yet unmarked by the stylized damage Calvin had pictured on his early blueprints. After seeing everything so shiny and new, he hasn’t quite worked up the heart to mar it just yet.

Outside, the corrugated silver façade reflects the springtime daylight, surrounded by a welcoming border of new green grass with freshly planted cherry tree saplings at the corners peeking into tentative bloom. A sign strung above the glass double doors reads “OPENING SOON!”, and above that, a currently turned-off bright blue neon scrawl proudly proclaims the name of the establishment.


Back inside, Calvin swings down off the bar and meanders back toward the kitchen, pushing his way through the padded red swinging doors. Once inside the expanse of polished salt and pepper granite, shining red cherry wood, and buffed chrome, he sighs regretfully. The new diner was almost finished. Food still had to be ordered. As of now, the kitchen cabinets, drawers, and the huge walk-in refrigerator were all tragically empty. He frowned, moving that to the top of his list of things to do, right above ‘arrange artwork’ and ‘buy new hammock’.

The Return of the Mutant Diner

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