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Name: Marissa Maley
Title: Executive Producer
E-Mail: orders311tribute@yahoo.com
From: U.S.A.
Talent/Experience: The talents I have that make me qualified to produce this album are my love of music, my devotion to 311, some extraordinary organizational skills, an attention to detail that rivals Peter Raspler's, and some decent writing and editing talent. I'm lucky I had all that going for me, because my experience producing CDs was *absolutely zero* when I started this! The road has been long, stressful and difficult, but given the chance, I would do it again in a moment, because someday I will look back and not regret that I trusted my instincts and did this.

Name: JR Barnett
Title: Producer
E-Mail: JrBarnett311@aol.com
From: Danville, Illinois
Talent/Experience: I went to a community college here in Danville for 2 years. Where my major is Film, I have found many similarities between music and film. Directing film is similar to producing music, you have to be in control of the situation, and you can't have a story without a story teller. Talent wise, I guess I have always been able to select the best order for a setlist. I'm very organized, and I've came this far, Hahah! Music wise, I've been in band since the fifth grade and I'm 3 years out of high school.

Name: Larry Maner
Title: Assistant Producer and former Webmaster
E-Mail: lmaner@clemson.edu
From: Columbia, South Carolina
Talent/Experience: I go to Clemson University and I'm majoring in Computer Science. I have 3 websites, 4 including this one. I have HTML experience as well as Java and Macromedia. I also play guitar, bass, sing, and drums. I listen to other stuff such as The Urge, Green Day, Foo Fighters, and lots more.

Name: Laura
Title: Layout Designer
E-Mail: Laura57@telocity.com
From: Jax, Florida
Talent/Experience: I come from a long line of musicians and designers so that would basically be where my talent comes from. I have been using computers since I was old enough to see over a keyboard. I have never participated in a project quite like this before and I feel both honored and privileged to be doing it. Thank you~

Name: Andrew Jett
Title: Promotions
E-Mail: Drew101311@aol.com
From: Illinois
Talent/Experience: "He can always carry around a business card in his pocket. This guys kicks ass."

Name: Myke Armstrong
Title: Cover Art Designer
E-Mail: myke@ext311.com
From: Agoura Hills, California
Talent/Experience: About five years ago I downloaded Adobe Photoshop. It was an intimidating piece of software, but it oddly held my interest. I messed around with it and began to enjoy it. With the graphical power I soon possessed, the only logical thing to do was create a 311 site. So I did. My first 311 site was born (which currently resides in a dark, hidden location, forbidden from the eyes of another visitor). Four make-overs and five years later, Extension#311 was born (www.ext311.com). I suppose it was the constant reconstruction of my site that gave me my experience, and my mom's genes (who is coincidentally an art teacher) that gave me my talent. Aside from that, it's fun and 311 rocks.

Name: Mitch Metz
Title: Title Concept
E-Mail: radiometz@home.com
From: Caldwell, New Jersey
Talent/Experience: When I thought of the title for the album, all I could think of was how well it conveyed what this album is about and what the fans feel towards 311 and the unbelievable music they have created over the past ten years. Lets hope for ten more!

Name: Not Given
Title: Webmaster
E-Mail: the311tributealbum@yahoo.com
From: U.S.A.
Talent/Experience: No comments at this time.