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Tribute To 311

Three Eleven...
Created with a mindstate unknown to most men
Nick Hexum declared the god of the pen..
To script a song so powerful in a divine blend
How many men you know can tip a word on end
And pour out it's meaning and cause it's effect to ascend
And then, Mr. Martinez, as he steps to the mic
Sparks a touch to ignite energy leaving minds in a psyche
Because he 'wants to be free' and he 'wants to do right'
Yet he still holds the talent to cause words unified
As Tim Mahoney picks up his music-making tool
Master of manipulation spinning notes like a whirlpool
With many advances of solos that cause trances
Releasing hypnotizing melodys to make Hendrix look like a fool
Chad Sexton sits relaxed hovering over his set
Innovating beats themself to be heard from US to Tibet
Whenever I get upset I just drop down to Applied Science
To calm my nerves I set the mood to Sexton and give him my reliance
True, last but never forgotten is my man Aaron Wills
Dropping basslines like bombs giving my spine a case of chills
The 311 sound could and would never be as enlightening
Without having the infamous words spoken of 'P-Nut beat that thing!'
Anyway, 311, I would like to thank you
Nick, P-Nut, Tim, Aaron, SA and the rest of the crew
As I say this I believe I speak for your entire fan base
Thanks for makin music, stayin positive and true.

- by HiveFox@aol.com

E-Mail: HiveFox@aol.com


The beats overwhelm me as my heart begins to ache,
The soothing rigid sounds of the music begin to make me shake,
The words that come from one's mouth, the words that are spoken,
Are the words from one's mind, words that will never be broken,
The logic of this feeling that overpowers peoples mind's and souls,
Makes us convulse in a way that has no control,
The heavy words that I take in release all tension that surrounds me,
And it captures my heart that shatters all hate that I may see,
If only I could feel this power all moments, only if I could hear it,
May all that hear those lyrics openly listen to this,
The deepness of the music has a dizzying effect in my eyes,
Is the effect that will bring one more mind to be stabilized,
I shutter when I hear the harmony that breaks fear,
The heaviness of their words bring me near...
They open their minds to us to show us the logic of what we call life,
So that we can push back that life given strife.

- by Bethany Lee Saint-Smith '00'

E-Mail: QnBass01@aol.com


I see you play up on stage
you're a stanger flower still
breakin loose from the cage of decency
your music flows right through me
you glance down where I stand
as I rock out to the sounds of your band
I crumble in your sight
then your radiant eyes
leave me paralyzed
as you approach I can not speak
lost for words lookin like a geek
but you are so profound
how can I compete
yet those eyes of yours draw me close
leave me under your spell
lost for words total mind control
long time since I've felt like that
you are the 'monkey on my back'
my stoney mahoney
drawing me closer still
noddin your head
closin your eyes
ya left me mesmerized

- by Sarabeth Jogodka

E-Mail: tylersragdoll13@yahoo.com

Rhythmic Evolution

the drum
your drum
your drum is
your drums are
a heartbeat
the heartbeat
a million heartbeats
together, one organism in
thank you
thank you for
thank you for driving my soul

~Aurora )O(

E-Mail: wicca311@gurlmail.com

The Dream

I turn the cd on blast
groove myself to the past
when i dreamed of beatin a bass like pnut
but now i can
what has changed?
nothing i guess
i still breath sleep and eat 311
the beat still gets my head noddin
the bass still makes me think that dream
the dream of a younger me being Pnut

- by PAt

E-Mail: a311mix@aol.com

An Ode To The Best

From the moment the melodies hit my ears, I knew that this was love.
The funky guitar and the screamin bass played magically,
As if God had sent them to me from above.
The super phat beats from the drumset were played,
While the talented voices left everyone in shock.
This incredible music hypnotized us all,
And soon all of their albums were sold out of stock.
Addicting music was heard all over the world,
We worshipped Sexton, Martinez, Hexum, Mahoney and Wills.
Their tunes were so amazing,
Every fan listened to them and got chills.
And still today, 311 is going strong,
Nothing can stop them now.
Positivity, Unity, and love is their style.
Nick, SA, Pnut, Tim, and Chad,
Stand up and take your bow...

I Love You 311,
Amanda Hiatt

E-Mail: LvnSlinky4311@aol.com