Kulminator speciality beer bar

Type of vendor:
speciality beer pub
Number of draught beers:
about 8
Number of bottled beers:
about 1000
32 Vleminckveld

Words almost fail me when I try to describe the Kulminator. It is without doubt the pub with the most extensive range of beers in all of Europe, if not the whole world! Located down a dark alleyway, the forboding exterior belies the comfy, warm interior of the pub. The first thing you will notice is that it is a very small place, containing only about five or six tables. Scattered on each table is a mass of beer material, including monthly magazines and information on beer festivals. Amongst all the paper you will ultimately find the menu. And amazed you will truly be! The menu is basically a huge catalogue with beers upon beers listed on each and every page, about an inch thick. There are almost 1000 different beers listed in the menu, and most are available. Not only that, but you are almost guaranteed to have your beer served in precisely the correct glass, not matter how rare the beer. (On our last visit, I ordered a beer called Minty, brewed by H.R.G., approx 3% proof, 86% score, literally a mint beer - even THAT was served in the right glass.) Even when you nip to the loo, you are met by a window which looks onto racks upon racks of speciality beers in all shapes and forms. The place is truly spectacular. As I said, worlds fail me. You really must visit this place yourself.